Undergraduate Internship in Teaching Gate System

Road to Internship in Teaching UNDERGRADUATE Student Gate Requirements

Access Student Gate System

Program Coordinators

Gate 1: Teacher Certification Candidacy

Freshman or Sophomore year

  1. Candidate Application
  2. Passing Core Academic Skills For Educators Scores (See Gate 1)
  3. Faculty Evaluation of Intern (2 required) (DO NOT PRINT OUT THIS FORM. Please ask PSU faculty to fill out online form)
  4. Cumulative GPA of 2.5

Gate 2: Internship in Teaching Application
(one year prior to student teaching)

End of Junior year/Start of Senior year

  1. Internship in Teaching  Application
  2. Cumulative Department GPA of 2.5/2.7 (GPA Requirements)

Gate 3: Acceptance into Internship in Teaching

Senior year

The Internship in Teaching Application Packet, requirements 1-3, must be completed by the Teaching Intern before placement is considered.

  1. Resumé (email to: psu-oep@plymouth.edu)
  2. Philosophy of Teaching (email to: psu-oep@plymouth.edu )
  3. Placement Information Sheet (PDF)  (Signed by department coordinator)
  4. Department Approval
  5. Cumulative GPA of 2.5/2.7  (GPA Requirements)
  6. Seminar 1 – Preparing for Internship
  7. Seminar 2 – Internship Rules and Regulations
  8. Internship in Teaching Registration
  9. Internship Placement Confirmation Sheet (PDF) (one)
  10. Placement Confirmation Two (if applicable)

Gate 4: Internship in Teaching and Program
Senior year

  1. Observation Form One – University Supervisor Forms
  2. Observation Form Two – University Supervisor  Forms
  3. First Site/Midterm Evaluation – University Supervisor  Forms
  4. Second Site/Final Evaluation – University Supervisor  Forms
  5. First Site/Midterm Evaluation – Mentor Teacher Forms
  6. Second Site/Final Evaluation – Mentor Teacher Forms
  7. Seminar 3– Preparing for Employment
  8. Seminar 4 – Program Assessment, Closure to Internship in Teaching, and Certification
  9. Eligible for Certification (See requirements listed below)

Completion of Gates 1-4

Degree Statement

NHDOE Requirements

Gate: The term gate is commonly used by CAEP accredited colleges and universities to describe their decision points in their candidate and unit assessment systems. A gate is a level of attainment that clearly communicates how far you have progressed on the road to certification.