Posting in The HUB

In the HUB:

  1. All postings (i.e.: advertisements, for sale/rent notices, posters, etc) must be stamped, dated, and approved by a professional staff member within the Administrative Offices of the Hartman Union.
  2. A maximum of five (5) postings may be displayed for up to two (2) weeks from the date they are initially approved. All postings will be removed after the two week “stale date” or after the event, whichever comes first.
  3. Postings may be placed only on approved bulletin boards. These bulletin boards are designated as “general campus events” boards. Bulletin boards located above the mail suites are also for general postings, unless otherwise noted.
  4. Postings placed in unapproved locations will be removed.
  5. Postings not properly approved will be removed.
  6. No postings are permitted on exteriors, windows or doors of the Hartman Union Building.

Other Campus Buildings:

  1. Post on approved departmental/building bulletin boards and/or approved areas. For specific locations, check with individual office departments or see Posting On Campus.