Table Tents in The HUB

Union Grille

Our number one goal is your pleasurable dining experience!  To ensure this, the following guidelines have been established for the use of table tents:

Table tents must be scheduled in advance. Contact the Student Activities Office at 535-2639 or visit them on the second floor of the HUB.


  •  Table Tents are allowed ONLY in the Union Grille.
  • Must be University related in their content.
  • One table tent (advertisement) is allowed at a time.
  • Table tents become soiled easily; therefore they will remain up for three days, only.
  • Table tents should be of card stock, no larger than 4” x 6” for display, and printedby a professional printer.
  • Approval is required by the Student Activities Office prior to posting. 
  • Sponsoring parties are responsible for placing the table tents, per discussion with Union Grille staff.
  • Union Grill staff will destroy tents as they become soiled, torn or crumpled, and will remove after three days.