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April 26th, 2011 by Jo-Ann

A handful of PSU faculty and staff have recently fallen victim to phishing scams. Please watch the following video and read the information below in order to prevent placing PSU at risk.

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What is Phishing

Phishing is an online fraud technique used by criminals to entice you to disclose personal information. It is the fastest rising online crime method used for stealing personal financial information and perpetrating identity theft.

People who respond to phishing e-mails, and input the requested personal information into e-mails, websites, or pop-up windows put themselves and Plymouth State University at significant risk.

Institutional risk

  1. When phishers successfully obtain faculty/ staff user credentials for PSU systems, they not only gain access to the accounts that use the credentials but they can potentially access high-value institutional data such as social security numbers, financial aid information, health information, and student data.
  2. Institutions can be blacklisted from Internet or financial services, resulting in reputational damage.
  3. When our institution is blacklisted, our ability to communicate with others is diminished (prospective students, student athletes, faculty and staff; alumni, partners, friends, etc.)
  4. We use the valuable time of staff members (IT, legal, HR and financials services) to address the issues caused by phishing rather than applying their skills to more productive work.

Sharing Your Password

Sharing your password with ANYONE is a violation of the University’s Acceptable Use policy, and poses a significant risk to you and to the University.

If the PSU ITS receives a report that your account has been compromised, we will block all access (including your own) to your account, and you will be required to meet with a member of the ITS Leadership team. In addition, your workstation(s) may be confiscated by an authorized IT technician for analysis and needed repairs.

Please know that that PSU helpdesk would NEVER ask you to submit your personal information in an email.  If you have questions or concerns please contact the ITS helpdesk at x5-2929 or via email at

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System Status

All ITS systems Operational

July 7th, 2014 by Jo-Ann

All ITS systems are operational. If you have any questions, please contact the Help Desk at or (603) 535-2929.

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