Phishing Alert – Direct Deposit

November 30th, 2012 by Jo-Ann

A number of PSU employees have recently reported receiving an email informing them that there is a problem with their Direct Deposit.  Although the email appears authoritative, it is not branded with any USNH identifier, and does not contain the familiar information about WISE or contact information for our Plymouth State HR office.


  •  If you received this message, please delete it immediately.  It is NOT necessary for you to forward the message to HR or ITS Staff.
  • If you already clicked on the link and submitted your account information, please change your PSU password immediately, and/or call the ITS Help Desk right away.

Additionally, please be assured that employee’s direct deposits continue to be safe and tightly monitored by both our PSU and USNH Human Resources teams.   If you have questions or concerns please contact the ITS helpdesk at 603-535-2929 or via email at


What is Phishing 

Phishing is an online fraud technique used by criminals to entice you to disclose personal information. It is the fastest rising online crime method used for stealing personal financial information and perpetrating identity theft.

People who respond to phishing e-mails, and input the requested personal information into e-mails, websites, or pop-up windows put themselves and Plymouth State University at significant risk.

Institutional risk 

When phishers successfully obtain student or faculty/ staff usernames and passwords to PSU systems, they not only gain access to the accounts that use those log-on credentials but they can potentially access high-value institutional data such as social security numbers, financial aid information, health information, and student data.

Sharing Your Password 

Sharing your password with ANYONE is a violation of the University’s Acceptable Use policy, and poses a significant risk to you and to the University. (See the PSU Acceptable Use Policy at:


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System Status

All ITS systems Operational

July 7th, 2014 by Jo-Ann

All ITS systems are operational. If you have any questions, please contact the Help Desk at or (603) 535-2929.

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