Open Labs

In the Summer of 2016 two Open Labs were created in the the Lamson Learning Commons to serve as models for students, faculty and staff as we begin our work visioning the Integrated Cluster model at Plymouth State University.

These spaces are intended to be public use spaces and are not reservable for semester length classes or other repeating events. PSU community members who wish to reserve the spaces for special events or workshops will need to make their reservations via 25Live, the Campus Reservation system, or contact the Campus Reservationist at 5-2722.

The Academic Technology team offers scheduled demonstration of the equipment in the Open labs – please see our workshop calendar for details.  Faculty or groups who wish to take advantage of this service outside of our scheduled sessions, will need to reserve the space as detailed above and then email their reservations details to  Please also include information about the technology tools you wish to have demonstrated and appropriate assignment details so we can orient the demo to your specific purposes.

Lamson Open Lab 031 (Downstairs Lab)

This lab is designed as a creative production studio and features hardware and software that allows for high end media production and editing. Technologies in the lab include:

  • One Button Studio with Green/Blue screen capabilities: With the touch of a single button, and no need to learn complicated video cameras or software, visitors to the lab can record an .mp4 video straight to a USB flash drive (formatted as FAT). A “Chromatte” backdrop allows you to record with a blue or green screen, which can be replaced with other backgrounds in video editing software.
  • Touchscreen display with annotation software: Up to eight participants can collaborate on a single display using wired and wireless connections. Annotation software allows visitors to draw, highlight, and type directly on any media.
  • Large format display: The large screen is ideal for practicing presentations or watching course videos in a group. Students can also preview video, graphic design, and animation projects in HD.
  • Collaborative Editing Suites: Up to four students can work together on creative projects such as videos, music tracks, animations, or class presentations. Each of the three stations features a high-end Mac and or PC, four audio outputs for headphone use, and all the latest software including the Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut X (Macs), and Autodesk.
  • High-end Macs and PCs: There are 12 Macs and 6 PCs in the lab, outfitted with the latest media production and design software including iMovie, the Adobe Creative Suite (for video, photo, animation, and effects), Autodesk (for design and animation), and more. The PCs are “Oculus Ready” and support the use of Oculus RIFT Virtual reality software and headsets.
  • Oculus RIFT Capability: Take a trip around the world, travel through the human body, or explore the moon on the Apollo 11 mission—with the Oculus RIFT virtual reality system, the options are endless! Use any PC in the Open Lab (031) with Oculus Headsets that can be checked out from the Help desk.

Lamson Open Lab 114 (Upstairs Lab)

This lab is designed as a collaborative work space and features three distinct areas that can be used separately or combined into a single presentation area. Features of this lab include:

  • Three large display screens: North and west displays feature wired and wireless connections that enable collaboration and participation among eight students at once. The main display also has a Blu-ray player for showing movies. Video and audio can be shared to all three displays.
  • Touchscreen PC: With a built-in PC and all the software applications you’re used to, the touchscreen on the west wall is ideal for small group collaboration and video conferencing. You can type or write with the onscreen keyboard, and easily navigate between applications with the touch of a finger. A keyboard, mouse, and stylus for the touchscreen can be checked out from the Help Desk.
  • Flexible furniture and whiteboards: In this lab, you can forget the traditional podium and desk layout of a traditional classroom. Feel free to rearrange the tables, chairs, and whiteboards to suit the needs of your group or class. Bonus: increase or test your core strength by trying out one of the “buoy” seats!

Print Depot

The Print Depot is located directly behind the Help Desk and is adjacent to the Technology Learning Center (Lamson 117). This space features the following technologies:

  • Large format color printer: Print signs or posters up to 42″ wide.
  • Digital photo color printer: For smaller format projects, print on matte or glossy paper.
  • Two 3D Printers: Print small parts, models for iterative design, or artwork on one of our two 3D printers (using ABS or PLA plastic). Designs should be optimized to reduce printing cost and time (see a list of tips here).

Equipment Depot (The EQ)

The EQ is a service that allows students, staff, and faculty to borrow media production equipment (and more). The following are just some of the items available for checkout:

  • Canon DSLR Cameras (T6i)
  • Tripods and other support mounts
  • Microphones
  • LED light kits (temperature and dimming controls)
  • Wacom tablets
  • Final Cut X Editing keyboards
  • Headphones
  • Electronics tool kits
  • Soldering kits
  • Sewing machine

To reserve any of the equipment housed in the EQ, use the Classroom Technology Services link found in myPlymouth in the left navigation Column, under the Campus category.

System Status

All ITS systems Operational

July 7th, 2014 by Jo-Ann

All ITS systems are operational. If you have any questions, please contact the Help Desk at or (603) 535-2929.

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