The Print Depot

The Print Depot at Lamson Library and Learning Commons offers a variety of printing resources for Plymouth State University students, faculty and staff. Resources include large format printing, photo printing, large format lamination and 3D printing. Are you a member of the PSU community looking to use any of these resources? Submit a print below.

 Print Depot Resources

Print Depot

  • Please add a phone number you can be reached at if we have any issues with your submission.
  • The cost of lamination is $1.00 a linear foot.
  • Please enter a value between 1 and 50.
  • Payment is due upon receipt of printed item(s). Please note: we are not able to accept personal checks nor pcards. PSU Print Quota and PSU Flex Cash cannot be used to pay for Print Depot services.
  • Fund:(Should begin with 6U_ _ _ _ other common beginning codes - 6D, 6G, 6X, 6A) Org: (Should begin with P _ _ _ _ _) Account: 713005 Activity Code: _ _ _ _ _ _ (optional) Other: (optional) Program Coordinator name, email and phone We need all of this information to successfully process your FOAPAL.
  • If the print is for a class please enter the course number and title.
  • If the print is for a class please enter the Instructor's name.
  • Please provide size specifications for your print. Examples -- large format/poster should be 4'x3' -- photo print should be 8"x8" -- 3D print should be 4"x4"x10"
  • Please note for the large format printer only matte is available for 42" wide prints. Satin and glossy are available in 24" wide prints. For photo printing glossy is available for all sizes and matte is available for 8.5"x11" and up.
    We do ask that you submit print projects at least 72 hours prior to your desired print processing time. Keep in mind we do not at this time process submissions on Saturdays or Sundays. Some print(s) will take longer depending on the print medium and our queue. Keep in mind print time(s) will vary.
  • Please submit your 3D print in .stl format. If you are submitting a photo or large format print please submit is as a .pdf, .jpg, .ai or .tiff. If your file is over 20 MB (our maximum), please see instructions below.
    Accepted file types: stl, tiff, jpg, jpeg, pdf, pptx, ppt, ai.
  • If your file is larger than 20MB please follow these steps from OneDrive. OneDrive 1. Upload your file to your Microsoft OneDrive Account 2. Once uploaded click on your file and select "get link" 3. Select "edit link - no sign-in required" in the drop down menu. 4. Paste the URL from the box that appears in the box below.
  • If you have any specific instructions for your print please put them here.

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