PSU Print Management FAQs

  • What is an MFD?

MFD stands for Multi Functional Device. An MFD is one device that combines several devices and functions into a single unit, to provide faxing, copying, printing and scanning capabilities.  You will find that the operation of an MFD is quite similar to the operation of a standard copier with some additional features.

  • How can using an MFD benefit me?

An MFD can save time in printing documents, is less expensive than standard older devices, can save paper by defaulting to double-sided printing, and are more energy efficient.

  • Why do we need to use a code?

Codes are used as a way to track all printing on campus.  By using a code, the printing that is done using that code will be charged back to the associated department regardless of where on campus you print or copy.  This allows for more flexibility of printing on campus and allows for departments to more accurately track their users.

  • What functions or services are available on an MFD?

An MFD can fax, print, scan to e-mail or share drive, and copy. It can provide other finishing options typically found on a copier such as stapling and collating.

  • How can I locate an MFD unit when I need to print/copy/fax?

The process through which a user prints to an MFD is identical to that of printing to a network printer. Once the MFD has been added to the user’s workstation it can be selected as with any other printer. It can also be set as the default printer if desired. Each networked MFD on campus will have a label containing the devices ‘name’.

  • What support is provided for an MFD and how is it obtained?

Support can be obtained by contacting the ITS HelpDesk @ x52929 or emailing



  • How is my department charged for using an MFD?

The costs for printing on the new MFDs are: .035 per copy/print for a B&W only MFD. Copy/prints on a black and white/color MFD are .04 per copy/print for B&W and .12 per copy/print for color. These costs include the cost of the machine, paper, toner, service, maintenance and repairs.  For cost saving measures, the MFDs will default to double-sided copies, to black and white copies, and to secure prints. Scanning and outgoing faxes are free.  Incoming faxes are charged at the per click rate for your machine. The devices are not capable of faxing to a mailbox.

  • What are Secure prints?

Secure printing is a feature for protecting sensitive documents from being seen by someone who shouldn’t be seeing it.  With this option, your print job will not be released until you go to the machine and enter a code to release the document.  It will then print while you are present at the device and, thereby, kept secure.  Another reason for using secure print is to keep documents separate.  The device will print jobs in the order they are received.  If you and another user are both printing, there is a chance that their document will print in the middle of the two or three jobs you sent to the printer.

  • How do I Secure Print to a Device?

To send a job to a device, you will be prompted for your assigned copy code. Then to make the job secure, you will be prompted to select a self assigned personal code (made up by the user). When you walkup to the MFD, your print job will not print until you release it with your self assigned personal code (instructions for releasing a secure print will be posted with the ‘quick guide’ with the MFD)

  • How can I print to an MFD?

Printing to a MFD is just like printing to a network printer. Once the MFD has been added to the user’s workstation it can be selected and set as the default printer.



  • How can I create copies?

Place the desired document into the document feeder at the top of the MFD –document facing upwards. By default, the MFD is set to the copy function. Enter your assigned copy code and press the green Start button. Remember the machines are defaulted to double sided so if you need single sided copies, you must make that selection.

  • How can I enlarge?

You can enlarge a document using the touch screen on the MFD just as you would on a copier.

  • How can I find the help on other copying features?

On site training is available to new users at time of installation, and upon request thereafter. There will also be a ‘quick guide’ with each machine.



  • How long will it take for me to receive scanned images?

Images scanned from an MFD will be delivered to the recipients’ email inbox or share drive immediately after the function is performed depending on the choices you make for the scan.

  • How can I scan to email?

Place document on top of feeder, put in your passcode and select the E-mail button. From the touch screen, select address book, choose name of recipient, select To and then end.

  • Where does the message go?

The user may send the message to any client listed in the local address book.  To send a document to someone not in the address book, you may simply enter their email address in the device. The scanned image will appear in the chosen recipient’s inbox as a pdf. We do recommend, however, that you send the document to your email inbox and forward on to others from there.



  • Can I send and receive faxes from the MFD?

Yes. Inbound and outbound faxing can be done through the use of an MFD. Inbound faxes are stored in memory when the MFD is turned off (e.g. over a holiday, weekend, etc.). the faxes will be released when unit is turned back on.

  • How can I identify the fax number of an MFD?

Each unit will have a card taped to the front of the machine – the fax number is on that card.

  • How do I fax?

Enter the desired document into the upper tray face up. To send a fax, select the fax option by clicking the corresponding button and enter the recipient’s fax number and press +ADD. When ready, hit the green Start button to initiate.

  • Can I send a fax directly from my computer?

 Yes.  Within the document you wish to send, choose print.  Choose FAX as the printer and follow on screen instructions to complete the job.



  • How do I obtain printing consumables such as toner, paper or staples?

All supplies may be ordered by submitting a Print Management Order Form.  This order form is posted on the Information Technology Webpage under the heading of Business Services – MDF Supply Order Form or click here.  Simply complete this form and submit.  Your order will be e-mailed to Janet Ames and the order for supplies will be placed.  Supplies will come directly to your department.  If you have not received your supplies in a few days, or if you have any further questions, you may send an e-mail to


System Status

All ITS systems Operational

July 7th, 2014 by Jo-Ann

All ITS systems are operational. If you have any questions, please contact the Help Desk at or (603) 535-2929.

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