Repair Policies

The Repair Center offers its services to the PSU campus community — PSU-owned computers and the personal machines belonging to active PSU faculty, staff, students and retired PSU employees. We provide limited support to individuals visiting the campus while attending a conference.  We offer a wide variety of computer and printer services for your convenience including evaluation, estimates, repairs, upgrades, and cleaning. A valid PSU network logon account is required to use the services of the Computer Repair Center, in order to create a work order at the time equipment is dropped off.
Evaluation, Parts Service, Software Service, Turn-around time, Additional Guidelines, Terminology

  • We will evaluate your equipment at no charge, and offer our recommendation for the successful repair of such equipment.
  • If you approve the recommended course of action, there may be labor charges applied depending on the needs of the equipment.  Please see our labor rates pages for our fee schedule.
  • Occasionally we will receive equipment for evaluation that we either cannot find a problem with, or cannot duplicate the problem described. It is important to provide as much information as possible when creating the initial work order.  In cases such as this, we may give the equipment back to you in the hopes you can duplicate the issue and provide additional information which will help us isolate the source of the problem.
Parts Service
Warranty hardware repair
  • We perform warranty repairs to Dell and Apple computers.
  • If covered by warranty, we typically do not contact you for approval to order the warranty part other than to update you on the status of the equipment or if there would be a labor charge as a result of the warranty repair (as in hard drive replacement).
  • Performing warranty repairs to hardware does not incur labor charges.  Notable exception: Warranty hard drives are typically received with no operating system installed therefore the computer will not be usable.  Labor charges will apply for us to install the operating system. We will contact you beforehand.
  • Manufacturer warranties do not cover software issues, virus or spyware removal, etc….   Labor charges will be applied for all software issues.
  • If your computer requires dust removal, or cleaning in any manner to fix an overheating issue or noisy fan issue,  you will be charged the dust removal fee regardless of the warranty status of your equipment.
  • Warranty parts from Apple and/or Dell are ordered daily (Mon-Fri), and are normally received within one business day unless the part is backordered or inclement weather delays the shipment.
  • We cannot perform warranty repairs to computers or printers other than those manufactured by Dell or Apple.
  • Parts replaced within the manufacturer’s warranty period may be new or refurbished and are covered by the computer equipment’s remaining warranty.
  • Dell and Apple require that warranty parts that are replaced, be sent back to the vendor by us. We mail the defective part back to Dell or Apple within 72 hours of receiving the new part.
  • If your Dell was purchased from Best Buy or Staples,   we might not be able to order warranty parts due to these business’ contract with Dell.  We will notify you if this situation occurs.  [The closest Best Buy is in Concord, New Hampshire and the closest Staples is in Tilton, New Hampshire].
Non-warranty hardware repair
  • If your non-warranty equipment requires a part to repair it, we will contact you before ordering the part with an estimate of the cost of the part and the amount of labor cost involved.  All parts are ordered with your consent.
  • Parts may be new or refurbished, and carry the warranty of the parts vendor.  Vendors that sell refurbished or new parts have warranties varying from no warranty, 15 day, 30 day, or 90 day while new hard drives typically have a 3 or 5 year manufacturer warranty.
  • Once a part is ordered, the customer is financially responsible for the cost, as it might not be possible to return the part to the vendor for credit (Some vendors either do not accept returns, or might charge a restock fee). You are fully responsible for the cost of the part and shipping.  If we can return the part for full or partial credit, you will be invoiced for the shipping costs and any restock fee.
  • Parts from vendors are usually shipped ground (anywhere from 3 – 7 days).  Customers can ask for a faster delivery time, which would incur an increased shipping cost.  We are happy to do this for you, but you will need to cover the cost of expedited shipping.
  • Some vendors require that the bad part be sent to them as part of an exchange-purchase.  If your bad part does not require to be sent to the vendor, we will return it to you.  Please dispose of it an environmental-conscious manner.  We cannot accept defective computers, monitors, printers for disposal.
Software Service
  • If a system is severely infected with viruses, we may recommend a data backup and system reimage.  If customer declines a reimage in this situation, then there is no guarantee that the virus problems will not return in a short period of time. If a data backup and system reimage is approved, any labor charges at this point will be waived in lieu of the data backup and reimage labor charges that would now be applied.
  • If an operating system is too damaged and cannot be repaired, we will recommend a data backup and reinstall.  If approved, any labor charges at this point will be waived in lieu of the data backup and reimage labor charges that would now be applied.
  • Some software issues, such as intermittent freezing or blue screens can be difficult to reproduce and fix, therefore multiple visits may be necessary.  Customers can help by providing as much information as possible and record any information displayed on screen.
  • If during the process of a software service, other problems are encountered, the customer will be contacted for any additional labor charges that may apply.
    Example # 1:    If a computer is severely infected, Microsoft Windows system files may be deleted by the viruses’ removal utilities.  This would require a Windows repair and/or reimaging and is not due to any negligent actions of the technicians.


    Example # 2:  If during a ResNet setup  (antivirus installation and network configuration), operating system problems or spyware/viruses are encountered,  the customer will be contacted concerning the problem and what the options are along with associated labor charges.
Turnaround Time

Our standard policy is “First come, first served”.  We make every effort to evaluate every unit that enters our shop within 48 hrs (Mon – Fri). However, due to periods of increased workload or staff shortages, it may take longer to contact you with a diagnosis. A time estimate will be given when you drop your machine off.  Semester startups, mid-semester, and ends of semesters are examples of increased workload periods.
Additional Guidelines
  • Due to limited storage, we require that you pick up your equipment promptly. Failure to pay any fees due may result in a financial hold being placed on your bursar account.
  • The Computer Repair Cent
    er will not install system boards (motherboards) or laptop displays on any computer other than Dell or Apple.
  • The Computer Repair Center reserves the right to decline any repair job based on difficulty of obtaining parts, condition of the equipment when brought in or the amount of time estimated to repair.
  • When upgrades or repairs have been performed that require swap-out of old components, all replaced components will be returned to the customer for disposal. The notable exceptions are institutionally owned equipment, warranty covered repairs where the bad part is sent back to the manufacturer, or when part vendors require the bad part to be sent to them as part of a parts exchange purchase.
  • The person dropping off must be the same person picking up. Photo ID required for pickup.

Data backup
By default, we backup only data, pictures and music.  Movies may not always be backed up due to their size.
We look in the customer’s profile, the All Users profile, and additional profiles if multiple profiles are displayed at the login prompt. We try to locate all pictures, music and documents. If you have specific files elsewhere on the hard drive, they may not always get backed up unless we know about them ahead of time.
Successful data backup may be affected by failed or failing hard drives, bad sectors on the hard drives, or viruses. It is not always possible to retrieve data, all or part of, due to these circumstances.
When dealing with some email programs such as outlook express, outlook or others that store email on the hard drive, we must know about this ahead of time.  This is not something we look by default.  When reconfiguring these type email programs, some information such as passwords will be required by the user therefore complete configuration may not be done in the Repair Center.  You may need to contact your ISP provider for specific configuration information.
A computer reimage involves:
  1. A reformat of the hard drive. ALL DATA WILL BE DELETED DURING THE HARD DRIVE FORMATTING.  Once a computer is reimaged, data that was not backed up beforehand cannot be retrieved.
  2. Installation of the original operating system that shipped with the computer.  Most computers have the license code on the exterior case.  We use that license code with our media. If you have a computer other than a Dell, we may request your media that shipped with the computer.  Many computers ship with the media that will allow for reimage.  If we request the original media and you do not have it, it is usually possible to purchase these from the computer manufacturer at a reasonable cost.  We can usually assist you with this.
  3. We update the computer operating system with the latest updates (Windows XP/VISTA/Windows 7).  We will ensure that all component drivers are installed unless not available from the computer manufacturer.
  4. If the customer does not provide an antivirus subscription with the license code, we will install a free antivirus program. Without an up-to-date antivirus program, internet access on campus is not possible.  Presently, we will install a free version of Avira antivirus for Windows or a free version of Clamx for Apple operating systems.
We will ensure that the following are working:
  • Normal computer usage
  • Built-in network
  • Wireless network
  • Audio
  • Optical drive functionality
  • We will install the CDRW/DVD applications that shipped with the computer, unless they are not available. If they are not available, we will install a generic application for CD / DVD burning and media viewing.
The following are not part of a reimage:
  • Microsoft Office is NOT part of the operating system. It has its own media and license code.  If it was preinstalled by the computer manufacturer, then it is likely either an abbreviated version of the product or it may be valid to use for a short period of time.  Microsoft Works is also NOT part of the operating system.
  • Any other programs that were installed by you or the computer manufacturer will not be installed as part of a reimage unless you provide the manufacturer restoration media to us. Examples are iTunes, Google Toolbar, Yahoo Toolbar, Instant messaging programs, Mozilla, games, ……… The list is extensive.

System Status

All ITS systems Operational

July 7th, 2014 by Jo-Ann

All ITS systems are operational. If you have any questions, please contact the Help Desk at or (603) 535-2929.

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