Mapping M drive on Windows

  1. Right click on the Start menu.
  2. Click on Explorer or Open Windows Explorer
  3. Click the Tools menu (if you do not see the Tools menu, click the Alt key), then click on Map Network Drive:
  4. Choose an (arbitrary) drive letter from the dropdown menu (only one drive letter can be assigned simultaneously)
  5. In the Folder: field, type in \\\username Where username is your myPlymouth username (if you are off campus you can use https:\\\username and you do not need to be connected to the VPN)
  6. Check the Reconnect at logon box if you want your M drive to automatically map when you log onto your computer
  7.  Click the Connect using a different user name link (for Vista); or check the Connect using different credentials checkbox (for Windows 7):
  8. In the window that opens (if you do not see a window open, first click on Finish), type in: plymouth\username in the username field, where username is your myPlymouth username.  Type in your myPlymouth password in the password field.  Check the checkbox to Remember my credentials (on Windows 7 only).
  9. Your M drive is now mapped!

If you have questions or if you would like assistance with mapping to your M drive on Windows, please contact the ITS Help Desk:

 Phone Support: (603) 535-2929
 Live Support (see link to the upper right)
 In person: Information Desk at Lamson Library and Learning Commons
 Submit a Support Ticket or Check the Status of an Existing Request (requires authentication with your myPlymouth username and password)

System Status

All ITS systems Operational

July 7th, 2014 by Jo-Ann

All ITS systems are operational. If you have any questions, please contact the Help Desk at or (603) 535-2929.

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