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University Home Page

The University Home Page is often the front door to our Web site.  In the past, a variety of departments wished to have a constant presence on the home page which created a confusing landscape for our audience.  The current iteration of the home page focuses on a more narrow presentation of information with timely and time-limited information.

Audience-based Navigation

A primary component of the home page is the audience-based navigation links.  An audience member who selects one of the links will be presented with content which directly addresses their information needs.

Space is extremely limited for additional audiences and will only be considered if the following criteria are met:

  1. The audience is considered critical to the mission or operation of PSU.
  2. There is a critical mass of web visitors from that audience which warrants representation on the home page.  “Critical mass” will be determined based on the availability of information obtained from web statistic reports and the by the Web Communications Manager.
  3. Substantial content already exists to fit the needs of the audience in question.

University News/Upcoming Events

Another primary component of the University home page is to promote news items of interest to external constituents.  Items may include press releases, events or featured articles about PSU and members of the PSU community

The Office of Public Relations has strict control over what press releases appear on the home page.

“Upcoming Events” is automatically supplied by the campus calendar, ThisWeek@PSU.  ThisWeek@PSU is updated on a strict weekly schedule.  Departments, organizations, and individuals should be sure to submit their events in a timely fashion according to the current ThisWeek@PSU policies to insure inclusion on the calendar and the PSU home page.

Features Stories/In the Spotlight

“In the Spotlight” provides an additional opportunity to showcase events, articles and people on the home page.

A maximum of 3 stories will be featured at any time.  Stories will change weekly or at the discretion of the Web Communications Manager. Members of the University community can request a story be displayed on the home page by submitting their request and the information about the story to the Office of Public Relations via the Work Request Form (check “story idea” and indicate in the project description that you would like to feature this “In the Spotlight.” Due to the limited space, not all submissions will be included.

Additional Navigation

The PSU home page includes 3 additional sets of navigation referred to as “Quick Links”.

“Academic Departments” and “Majors” are updated by the Web Communications Team on an annual basis according to the most recent catalog information.

“Departments & Services” provides a list of more popular department sites.  This is not meant to be an inclusive list.  This set of links is evaluated every six months and updated based on available web traffic statistics and trends.