Campus Safety Committee Meeting Minutes

Campus Safety Committee
Meeting Minutes

December 9th, 2005

Attendees: Pete Cofran, Tammy Hill, Tom Weeks, Wayne Vlk

Note: Due to limited attendance as the result of a
snow storm, this meeting was strictly an information session only. No votes were taken.

Loss Data Review:

Worker Compensation: There were 17 incidents reported from 8/11/05 through 12/1/05. Of those, only 4 resulted in medical treatment and 3 resulted in lost wages.

Overall, the University has seen a dramatic improvement in the reduction of claims paid in 2005 over previous years. The entire University System has seen an improvement.

We are still looking for comparisons between campuses. Ann will try to have additional information by the next meeting.

Student/Visitor Injuries: Limited reports. Tammy requested that all departments ensure that the reporting procedures are followed for any injury, including those in the res. halls and at the PE Center.

Old Business:

AEDs: Silver Center for the Arts is getting an Automatic External Defibrillator as part of a grant. Since there is one in the PE Center, one in Silver and since the Campus Police will have one, the Committee will not be making any additional recommendations for more at this time.

Smoking Policy: The new policy has gone into effect. There has not been much feedback, negative or positive, to report.

EPA Citation: There has been a settlement with EPA. A fine was paid and as part of the settlement, PSU has agreed to work with high schools in the state to train them on the reduction, safe use, handling, and disposal of hazardous materials.

Rounds Hall Pumpkin Concerns: Tabled until next meeting.

Weapons Policy: Tabled until next meeting.

Fall Protection Training: Training sponsored by USNH Worker Comp. carrier. Well attended by Physical Plant, HUB and Silver Center for the Arts personnel. Several student workers from Silver also attended. The program did generate much discussion about hazards encountered at PSU. Some changes are already being planned as a result of the training.

Boyd Signage: Signs are being designed for Boyd Science Center to aid visitors, including emergency responders, in getting direct access to the 3rd floor. Because not all stairways and elevators reach the third floor, there has been some confusion, including during an ambulance response, for people trying to access the 3rd floor. Signs should be installed during Winterm.

CEMS: The new chemical inventory system is in place on campus and several faculty and staff members, as well as several Plymouth and Holderness Police and Fire personnel have received training. There has been a lot of positive feedback and support for the program. The art department, Boyd and the Physical Plant have all begun to use it.

Safety Committee Charter: The Charter changes have been approved previously. Tammy will make arrangements to get the
updated charter posted on the websites.

Residence Hall Fire Drills: All residence halls had their fire drills in November. The Fire Department was concerned about the very large percentage of students who chose to use center stairwells instead of the more remote, emergency exit stairwells during the drills. The FD is also requesting uniform signage on alarmed emergency exits in the Res. Halls. There is concern that the larger signs may block exits and possibly cause students to make unsafe decisions during emergency evacuations. Tammy will meet with Residential Life Staff to come up with some workable alternatives to the signing. RDs and CA staffs were informed immediately following the drills of the concerns about using remote stairwells. They were going to discuss the issue with residents during floor meetings.

Physical Plant Safety Training: All Physical Plant Staff attended 2-2 ½ hour safety training on November 29th and December 1st. The discussions following the training will result in some policy changes and improvements.

Driver Training: A new USNH policy next year will mandate that PSU provide defensive driving training to all employees who drive university vehicles. The details about the new policy and the plans for new training still need to be worked out.

Merrill Street Crosswalk: Request was made to look at safety at Merrill St. crosswalk. Lighting is a concern, as is the ramp design. The ramps are not directly opposite each other and require a person to travel along the road to get to the ramp on the opposite side. Several infrastructure improvements are slated in this area for the summer of 2006. Tammy will meet with
Physical Plant to see what would be required to include this area in the project.

Crosswalks on Highland Street have better lighting now. Plymouth and Campus Police and the Plymouth Fire Department, along with the Town of Plymouth Safety Committee, are pleased with the new lights.

Student Workers at Physical Plant: There was some concern about student worker’s driving the larger vehicles at Physical Plant, especially those that require the use of side view mirrors. Tammy will discuss concerns in more detail with Physical Plant managers.

Meeting Adjourned at 1:55 pm.

Next Meeting:

Friday, March 10th, 2006 at 1:00 pm at the Physical Plant Conference Room.

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