Lawn and Grounds Maintenance

Spring Program

Commencing April 10, or as soon as weather permits :

  1. Remove all sand and winter debris form lawn area, and repair plow damage. Collect soil
    samples for analysis.
  2. Rope off all lawn areas while ground is soft to reduce compacting of the soil and allow
    for grass seed germination.
  3. Aerate- aeration loosens compacted soils allowing air, water, and nutrients to be evenly
    absorbed and promote healthy root systems.
  4. Fertilize and Lime applied according to soil test. Lime shall be pellet and slow release
    so as to maintain a pH of 6.5 to 7.0 . Fertilizer shall be slow release and blended to
    meet the needs of each zone in accordance with data collected in soil samples.
  5. Seeding- Grass seed shall be a blend of Kentucky Blue Grass, Creeping fescue, and
    perennial rye. Seed shall be disease resistant and applied by two methods. Slice seeding
    shall be done along walk ways and over seeding in undamaged lawn areas.


Grass shall be maintained at no more than three inches, and no less than two inches
in length. Longer grass provides shade for the roots and inhibits weed growth.

  1. Prior to mowing all debris shall be removed from lawn area and disposed of properly.
  2. Mowing shall be weekly on average , but may vary with weather conditions , more often
    during the wet season, and less during the dry season.
  3. All mowers shall have a minimum of three sets of sharp blades and be replaced when dull
    so as to maintain a uniform cut and avoid root damage.
  4. Care shall be taken so as to avoid discharging grass clippings in planting beds, and on
    walk ways, should this happen they shall be removed prior to the completion of that work
  5. All grass clippings are recycled and used on campus grounds.
  6. String trimming and edging shall be done each time mowing occurs so as to maintain a
    neat and uniform appearance .
  7. Aerate- As needed according to compaction issues.


  1. Mowing will continue through fall season .
  2. Fall clean up leaf collection – leaves shall be collected and removed prior to mowing
    lawns. Collected leaves will be brought to Langdon Park and added to campus compost piles.
  3. Fertilize – shall be a slow release over winter type.
  4. Convert equipment for snow removal.


  1. Renovate lawn equipment.
  2. Snow removal.

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