Campus Safety

Free Crime Prevention Information

We have lots of crime prevention information, great tips to make your stay on campus and at home safer.

We have brochures on:

  • Keeping your home and car safe
  • Property inventory: fill in all the information about your valuables so that if they are stolen you have the facts there for the police and for your insurance company.
  • Gangs and gang violence
  • Friend or relative with a substance abuse problem
  • Personal Violence (Dating Violence & Sexual Assault, Stalking, Harassment, and Hazing)

Would you like a free key chain Storm Whistle (claimed to be the loudest)? One per person as quantities are limited!

If you’d like to receive any information on any of these topics please send us an e-mail with your name, address, and in the subject line write one of the following:

  • Property Inventory
  • Gang Info
  • Drug Info
  • Personal Violence
  • Whistle

We’ll send it out to you right away! (sorry, on campus addresses only)

PSU Lighting Committee

The PSU Lighting Committee was established to review lighting conditions on campus and to make recommendations for new lighting or replacement of existing lighting. In order for the Committee to be more effective, it is important that we receive input from the PSU community.

The Lighting Committee met in January 1999 and made a walking tour of the PSU campus. The Committee was pleased with the current levels of lighting, however we made some recommendations for improvement in a few key areas. We encourage you to take a moment and let us know if there are any specific areas that you are concerned about and if possible any recommendations or comments you may have for better lighting on our campus.

You may submit your recommendation/comments to the Safety Committee

Community Alerts

The Beginning of Lot Maintenance

November 25th, 2014 by Amanda

Do not forget to sign up for Lot Maintenance notifications on your devices. Lot maintenance schedules will begin on Monday, December 1st. Have a Happy & Safe Thanksgiving.