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Another View – Todd Leach: Universities need state help to keep tuition from rising
(Union Leader, March 30, 2015)

“The current funding level being proposed by the House Finance Committee would cut our appropriation for next year down to $76.5 million (a 9 percent cut), or slightly more than we received 15 years ago!”

Todd Leach is chancellor of the University System of New Hampshire.

OPINION: USNH needs more support from the state
(Union Leader, February 15, 2015)

“. . .trustees are working incredibly hard to stabilize tuition rates and apply every dollar in state support to keep tuition low.  State funding is the biggest factor in determining in-state tuition levels.  New Hampshire ranks last in the nation in state support of public higher education,..”

Pamela Diamantis is chairman of the University System of New Hampshire Board of Trustees


OPINION: Why restoring state funding for the University System of New Hampshire makes sense
(Union Leader, February 26, 2013)

“. . .the budget proposal benefits all of our citizens because it recognizes the vital role of our University System of New Hampshire (USNH) institutions in boosting the state’s economy – resulting in more than $2 billion a year in economic activity..”

Sara Jayne Steen is president of Plymouth State University.  Mark W. Huddleston is president of the University of New Hampshire. Jay Kahn is former president of Keene State College. Todd J. Leach is currently the Chancellor of the University System of New Hampshire and the former president of Granite State College. 


Parents around the Granite State support restoring of USNH funding
(The Citizen January 11, 2013) 

“Accessible and affordable public higher education requires a true partnership with businesses, citizens, elected officials, higher education, and students and their families”
Jodi and Chris Broom (Sunapee),are parents of a Plymouth State University students. Susan and Steve Fortier (Alstead) and Greg Samuel (Allenstown), parents of students at Keene State College and the University of New Hampshire respectively.


Restore university funding; our economy depends on it
(Concord Monitor, November 14, 2012)

“As employers we are in desperate need of college graduates ready for the workplace, especially engineers, computer scientists and programmers. Our public institutions are responding to that demand, but they need state support.”
Larry Haynes, president and CEO of Grappone Automotive Group, and John Morison III, chairman of Hitchiner Manufacturing Co., Inc.