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Some news items related to PSU Works for New Hampshire and USNH Works for New Hampshire.

“The Governor’s budget proposal would fund the University System of New Hampshire with an additional thirteen million dollars which just [sic] a portion of the money the university system is asking for.  The system has stated that amount would be insufficient to maintain a freeze on in-state tuition, but they are waiting until the budget is finalized before setting rates.”
University System Trustees Hopeful But ‘Realistic” About State Funding
(New Hampshire Public Radio, February 23, 2015)

“University System officials expressed appreciation for Governor Hassan’s support of public higher education and thanked her for her continued advocacy on the importance and value of the work being done within the University System.  System officials will use every dollar, over FY15 funding, to hold down the price of higher education even though the proposed budget is insufficient to continue the tuition freeze for in-state students for another two years.”
USNH Trustees: Historic In-State Tuition Freeze Unlikely
(USNH, February 13, 2015)

“State funding makes a big difference for New Hampshire families and freezing in-state tuition for an additional two years makes it much more likely young people will stay in state to attend college, University System of New Hampshire representatives testified at a budget hearing.”
USNH representatives urge restoration of funding to continue in-state tuition freeze
(Fosters, November 14, 2014)

Watch Pamela Diamantis, chair of the University System of New Hampshire Board of Trustees, and Todd Leach, Chancellor, discuss public higher education in the Granite State with Fred Kocher on “New Hampshire’s Business.”
Significant news from University System of NH
(WMUR, October 5, 2014)

“For a price, the University System of New Hampshire board of trustees is willing to freeze tuition for another two years. … At the risk of seeming ungrateful, it is a bargain that must be carefully struck for several reasons.. . .”
Path to an affordable education
(Fosters, October 2, 2014)

“THE KEY to a vibrant New Hampshire economy is the ability for our business community to have a highly educated and trained workforce. At the same time, New Hampshire families depend on having access to high quality and affordable public higher education.”
USNH’s tuition freeze offer is good for NH’s future
(Union Leader, September 29, 2014)

“We are grateful for the support of the state legislature that allowed us to implement the first two-year in-state tuition freeze, and we are eager to continue that partnership for a total of four years,. . .”
USNH: Restore funding and we’ll freeze tuition
(Union Leader, September 15, 2014)

“The USNH board of trustees voted unanimously to submit a funding request to the state legislature that restores state support to the level provided in 2009. In return, USNH would guarantee a second two-year freeze on tuition for New Hampshire students and their families. ”
USNH Board of Trustees Seeks Restoration of Funding to 2009 Levels; Pledge to Continue Tuition Freeze to all NH Students to Four Years in a Row
USNH, September 15, 2014

“The board that governs New Hampshire’s public universities voted to take the unprecedented step to turn their system’s two-year tuition freeze into a four-year guarantee.”
Colleges warm up to tuition freezes to keep students in-state
(PBS News Hour, August 26, 2014)

“In-state students who graduate from one of New Hampshire’s public colleges and universities in 2016 could be the first in state history to pay the same tuition for four consecutive years.”
University System of New Hampshire considers 4-year tuition freeze
(Concord Monitor, July 7, 2014)

“The [University System of New Hampshire] board of trustees has proposed extending the current two-year freeze for another two years if the Legislature agrees to its budget request.”
New Hampshire Considers 4-Year University Tuition Freeze

(WBZ-Boston, July 6, 2014)

“New Hampshire students attending one of the four institutions of the University System of New Hampshire won’t pay more for tuition for the next two years,. . .”
University System of NH board votes to freeze in-state tuition for two years
(Nashua Telegraph, June 29, 2014)

“Building upon our good partnership with the state in the current budget and freezing
tuition for another two years would provide tremendous relief to thousands of New
Hampshire’s hard-working families and their students,. . .”
USNH Trustees endorse historic four years of no in-state tuition increases
(USNH, June 27, 2014)