Frequently Asked Questions

New Students: Do not drop any courses which have been scheduled for you. These courses are required and must be taken in the Fall semester. The only courses that you should choose from are in the PDF document at the bottom of this page. You must select one First Year Seminar course (IS-1111).

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find more information on New Student Orientation?

Please check out the orientation website for an overview of the New Student Orientation Program. The link to that website is:

How do I access my Plymouth State User Account?

Your PSU username grants you access to many important online services which are found in our information portal called myPlymouth. Within the portal you will find important notices, personal information and other services offered to PSU students.

To access myPlymouth you will need a username as well as a password. Your username can be found by using the “What’s my Username” link on the login page. Your password is currently set to the following convention:

First letter of your first name + First letter of your last name + First six digits of your SSN
(i.e. If your name was Joseph Pseudo and your SSN was 001234567 your password would be jp001234)

If you ever forget your username or password, you can use the ‘What’s my Username?’ and ‘What’s my Password?’ links directly under the login box on the myPlymouth login page.
It is very important that you never share your password with anyone. Individuals who know your password may log into the system and view or change personal information such as email, addresses, registrations and grades.

How do I access myPlymouth, the student information portal?

Now that you know about your user account and password, you can access myPlymouth.

myPlymouth is a Web-based gateway to information about Plymouth State and information pertinent to your student record. Within myPlymouth you may review your course schedules, check to see if you have financial or academic holds, look at your financial account, print transcripts, see semester grades and register for courses. To enter myPlymouth go to and enter your username and password.

Where do I find more information about important dates and deadlines?

For the latest information on add and drop dates for courses, withdrawal deadlines, holidays, and much more, please see the academic calendar.

How do I get to the registration system?

Login to myPlymouth.
Click on the “Student Services ” tab.
In the “Banner Self Service” channel, click the “Student & Financial Aid” link.
Click on Registration.
Click on Add/Drop Classes.
Select the UG Fall 2009 term.
You will be asked for an Alternate Pin. Your alternate pin will be given to you by your advisor or will be provided to you at Orientation
You are now in the Add/Drop Classes page.

Who do I contact for technical help?

If you are having problems accessing any PSU web-based services via myPlymouth, please contact the Information Technology Services Help Desk (ITS Help Desk) at (603) 535-2929
Who do I contact for help with registration?If you are experiencing problems with the registration system, please contact the Office of the Registrar at (603) 535-2345.