AY 2012-2013 Awards

Student research awardees

Janelle Emerson was awarded $250.00 for work at the 11th Annual Undergraduate Symposium in Bridgewater MA.

A. Comeau, A. Kelly and E. Kowalski were all awarded $600 – $1,800.00 in total – for work at the Eastern Psychology Conference in NY, NY

Rebecca Jacobson was awarded $500.00 for a Conference Presentation: Mercury dynamics in a thawing peatland: Stordalen Mire, Abisko.

Matthew Bartley was awarded $600.00 for the Western AFS Conference in Boise ID

Cappiello, Spinney and McCarthy were each awarded $600 , $1,800.00 in total, at the Eastern District Association Conference in Philadelphia, PA.

Andrew Veilleux was granted $600.00 for travel Assistance to the International Symposium on Society and Resource Manegement in Estes Park CO

Brandon Huckins was awarded $1,125.00 for a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship: “Molecular genetic basis of hatching in the mayfly Hexageni”

Rebecca Brown was granted $1,000.00 for Travel & research support in theNorthwest Icelandic Lakes

Stephanie Dittbern and Marjorie Salvatore both received an award of $1,000.00 ($2,000 in total) to travel to Walesfor an international theater design festival: “World Stage Design”


This added up to a total of $9,675.00 in awards.


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