The tasks of the marketing effort include the drafting of an effective institution-approved marketing document (the Marketing Document) for each selected technology and a combination of active and passive marketing initiatives with the goal of finding a commercialization partner for the individual technologies.

Drafting the Marketing Document

Disclosed technologies need to be professionally presented. TreMonti will draft a non-confidential, non-disclosing Marketing Document for each technology. The Marketing Document will present the technology in a succinct and “market-appropriate” manner, reflecting an understanding of the target industry and addressing concerns unique to that industry.
The Marketing Document will include the following information:

  • Originating member;
  • The technology and its potential benefit;
  • The research behind the technology;
  • Further validation and research needed;
  • Market size;
  • IP status; and,
  • How to acquire rights to the technology.

All marketing materials will be approved by Plymouth prior to public disclosure.

The primary objective of the marketing effort is to identify likely opportunities for each technology and then directly engage true buyers of the technology. A true buyer of a technology is the person within industry that has the internal authority to acquire and develop it, such as a Chief Scientific Officer, a Chief Technical Officer, or a VP of Business Development. Prior to initiating the marketing effort, TreMonti will prepare a brief marketing plan that describes our approach and reasoning for selecting specific marketing targets. Included in this marketing plan will be a list of prospective licensing targets to be approved by Plymouth. For each technology that is actively marketed, TreMonti will pursue an appropriate level of direct marketing for a period of 3 – 6 months or as directed. TreMonti will provide monthly feedback to Plymouth on marketing activity, unless more frequent updates are required.

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