IP Terms and Concepts

The purpose of the IP assessment is to provide Plymouth’s Intellectual Property Committee (IPC) with sufficient technical and market background of the IP under review. This information will allow the IPC to make an informed decision regarding the protection and marketing of technologies.

In the coming months, TreMonti will utilize internal technical expertise and data as well as publicly available information to develop its analysis. TreMonti will provide Plymouth with written reports for each technology that include the following sections: brief technical analysis; market synopsis; competitive landscape; competitive advantage; and conclusions.

The purpose of TreMonti’s support of Plymouth’s IPC will be to help the IPC make informed decisions on new intellectual property and to keep IPC members apprised of the status of the active IP portfolio. The following services will be provided to the IPC:

  • IPC Review Memo
  • Technology Assessment
  • Marketing Status Reports

TreMonti estimates that the IPC will only meet twice in 2015. In the future, Plymouth should expect to have quarterly IPC meetings.

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