RAC Award Requirements

Below is a summary of requirements for RAC awards. Please also reference your award letter for other pertinent details.

  • All awards start at the beginning of the fiscal year (July 1) No work on the award is to begin before that date.
  • A presentation of your research will be required during faculty week
  • Standard pay rates for students are to be used in budgets¬†(Undergrad: $7.25/$7.50/$7.75¬† Grad: paid on a stipend basis NOT per hour and needs to be coordinated with COGS to insure it does not conflict with their GA assistantship)
  • Intellectual Property & Conflict of Interest documents need to be filled out & signed
  • If you are using human subjects in your research, IRB will need to be notified & an application filled out
  • The Office of Sponsored Programs web page also has valuable information on policies and proceedures to follow while conducting your reasearch



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