Fellowships, Scholarships & Grants

Fellowships, scholarships, and grants present the opportunity for students to get more out of the college experience and spring into the career world. Plenty of opportunities are funded by Plymouth State and external resources. There are fellowships for students of all degree programs in each year of their schooling.

Considering applying for a fellowship, scholarship or grant can help jumpstart a career and help to build a resume while creating lifelong memories. Using these resources could send a student traveling across the globe, doing research with world-renowned companies, forming crucial contacts, getting financial compensation that will help pay tuition, and gaining academic and professional experience that would otherwise be difficult to obtain from a classroom setting.

A fellowship is generally known as one of the national fellowships such as Rhodes, Boren, Fulbright, and Marshal. Typically, there is a lengthy application process for these fellowships but are rewarding. Lesser-known fellowships are also available and sometimes encompass internships or research work. They usually consist of a period of time spent working towards a goal and financial reimbursement.

A scholarship can be earned based on one’s financial standing or based on a certain set of skills. A scholarship winner is selected from a pool of applicants based on highest need or skill level or can be a winner of a randomized contest.

A grant is generally a gift of money in order to help fund an individual’s creation of or participation in a research or service project.

Getting awarded requires dedication and effort. Some national awards are much more competitive than less-known or campus-wide awards, but the countless benefits make it worthwhile to apply to any related fellowships. As a student searching for various awards, it is important to keep the following in mind:

  • Get to know professors, advisors, and department chairs. They probably know relevant fellowships or other programs that can be applied to or might even write you a letter of recommendation.
  • Search online- both on Plymouth’s website and elsewhere (links provided below). Using a search engine will come up with many results.
  • Keep a sharp eye out for postings on department bulletin boards.

PSU Funding Opportunities

There are a number of internal fellowships, scholarships and grants available for PSU students.

Student Research Advisory Council Fellowship Proposals

Fellowships at PSU

Grants and Scholarships at PSU

Scholarships and other opportunities among different departments at PSU

Private Scholarships

Study abroad Scholarships

2016-2017 Alumni Association Merit-based Scholarships

External Funding Opportunities

For more information about external openings, visit these other universities’ websites.

Brown University’s external fellowships

George Washington University- many listed opportunities do not require attendance at GW

Plymouth’s recommended websites for external funding opportunities


Career Services has plenty of advice and answers about questions you may have regarding internships, writing a resume, or even finding direction in a career choice. Click here for more information.

To earn credits in an internship, please click here to find contact information.  Will vary depending on major.

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