Participant and Department Guidelines 2014

 1. Who can participate?

Following the success of last year we would like to keep increasing the number of students involved in the Showcase. We hope to have student representation from all of our programs. Departments with multiple programs are encouraged to have at least one representative from each program.
Departments may want to select alternates in case of illness.

Individual and group projects are welcome. Participants must complete a Participation Form.

2. Criteria for Selection

Each department will establish their own criteria for participation. We ask that selected student work be examples of excellence.

3. Presentation Formats

a. Performances*
b. Formal Research Presentations
c. Poster Sessions
d. Gallery/Exhibition / Creative Works
e. Service Learning Presentation
f. Demonstration*
g. Mini-Lesson
h. Other

Poster Sessions, exhibits, performances, and demonstrations will run concurrently.

*Recommended length for performances, demonstrations, and presentations is 15 to 20 minutes

For Faculty Members

February 28, 2014 (tentative)     Deadline for submitting general information about student presenters is February 28, 2014 (tentative). Submit information to Thad Guldbrandsen or Kelsey Donnelly.

Please supply the following required information when submitting student projects to include in the showcase. This information is necessary to properly place the exhibitions, create a program and to promote the event.

  • Student’s/Students’ name(s) and contact information (including hometown and hometown zip code)
  • Student’s/Students’ Major and key points of interest for PR
  • Faculty advisor(s)/mentor(s)/instructor(s)
  • Title and Abstract
  • Format (select from a-h above)
  • Special Presentation needs
  • Technical requirements (such as microphones, projector and screen, extension cords)

Student presenters will receive assistance on creating an appropriate poster for their project. Presenter must supply his or her own computer equipment.

March 11, 2014 (tentative) Deadline for updates (if any) about space and equipment needs.

April 7, 2014 (tentative)     Deadline for final abstracts and other information that will be printed in the program.

Write  Thad Guldbrandsen or Kelsey Donnelly or call (603) 535-3434 with questions.

Contact Us

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Director of the Center for Business and Community Partnerships
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