Blair Hall room information

Here is some information about your room:

Floor Space Measurement (for area carpet you may wish to provide):
Triple size: 15′ x 13.5′
Double size: 12.5′ x 15′
Basement: 11.5′ x 14.5′
Single size: 7.5′ x 15′

Window Size:
Double and Triple: 89″w x 49″h
Single and Triple: 77″w x 49″h
Basement: 36″w x 15″h
All Rooms Provided with Shades.

Mattress size: 36″w x 80″, 6″ thick. You will need extra long twin sheets to fit our mattresses. They are available at JC Penney, Sears, Wal-Mart, and others.

Appliances: Students may choose to bring their own appliances (Energy Star if possible). To help keep costs low & to prevent blown fuses, please bring only what is allowed. Thanks!

Refrigerators: Only refrigerators up to approximately 5 cubic ft. are allowed.

Microwaves: Only small microwaves are allowed.

Property Insurance options and information.

Important Notes!!!

Please use only power strips equipped with a circuit breaker rather than extension cords.

For fire safety reasons, the following are not allowed:

  • Open coil appliances (i.e. toaster ovens, hot plates, anything with an exposed heating element, etc.).
  • Leave your candles at home. They will be confiscated even if you don’t plan on lighting them.
  • Halogen lights / lamps of any kind.

There is NO STORAGE available in the Residence Halls. Please only bring what will help you in transition.

Can I Move-in Early?: During the summer Plymouth State operates many conferences, events, and special functions that utilize the residence hall facilities. In addition to these functions we also take this time to renovate, repair, and clean the facilities. As a result, it is typically not possible to move in to your residence hall before the published opening day / time.

Internet Access, Television, and Phone Service

Information regarding these residence hall services can be accessed here: