Centre Lodge

Contact: Mary Curtis

Office Phone: 603-535-2320

The Centre Lodge is the main common space for the Student Apartments, and provides meeting and study spaces, computer cluster with printing, vending machines, a value station for adding campus FlexCash, and the administrative office for the University Apartments. The Centre Lodge is air conditioned. Programs and events are offered for residents who live within the University Apartments within this space.

The Bradford Room is a large meeting room that seats 56, and can accommodate small groups and “pods,” as well as large meetings and classroom-style line seating. Reservations for meetings can be made by using our online room reservation software, 25Live, or by emailing Mary Hill in Conferences and Events at mhhill@plymouth.edu. This space is often utilized for programming by the Apartments staff and is open to students across campus. Normal business hours during the school year are Mon-Fri 8am-11pm and Sat-Sun 12 noon-11pm. Recently the Bradford Room was updated with new tables and chairs.

The Granite Room features options for studying, including lounge seating and computer clusters. The Granite Room has previously been used for campus-wide events such as our Spring Housing Selection days. Any student from across campus can utilize this space. There is also printing services located here where students can use their print balances.