Spring 2017 Undergrad Refund Process/Schedule

Thursday, January 31st is the first day Federal loans will disburse to your online bill.   If the loan disbursements create an overpayment on your spring term bill, a ‘Request Refund’ button will appear.  Click on this button, complete the online form and ensure the appropriate information for your checking or savings account is entered. Double check any information pre-populated from an earlier request.  Please note that incorrect banking information may delay access to your refund for up to two weeks.

The first day spring refund requests will be paid is Friday, February 10th.   In order to receive your refund on February 10th, you need to submit your online request no later than 4pm on Tuesday, February 7th.  

The display of the ‘Request Refund’ button will be delayed a few days for overpayments created by Federal PLUS (parent) loans. When your parent applied for this loan they indicated if the refund was to be issued to the student or the parent. Parent borrowers wishing to change which party receives the refund can do so by emailing the Financial Aid Team.  Student Account Services will process the requests within 3 business days at which time the ‘Request Refund’ button will then be available.

For information about the refund process, please visit the Student Account Services Student Refunds web page.

Spring Term bills are online and were due Dec. 2nd

Please take a moment now to check your online bill and be sure it is covered to secure your classes.

Have you checked your Family Access lately?

For us to be able to discuss your bill with anyone except you, their name must appear as Active on Family Access, and they must have been given access to bill view.

Please take a moment right now to go to the Family Access section on the Welcome tab of your myPlymouth account  https://connect.plymouth.edu/wp-login.php to review your Active and Pending Relationships.

Not sure how to add someone?  Click here for more information.

Feel free to call us at 535-2215 with questions. Help yourself and anyone trying to help you pay your bill some time — be sure your Family Access is up-to-date!

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