Student Life Home

Just what does it mean when we talk about student life? We like to think of Student Life through three different lenses: programs, place and people.

Our programs…

Student Life is about a variety of different programs, and we feel confident that you will find a number of options to explore and engage in while you’re a student at PSU. Student Life programs include:

Community Service Center- volunteer on a project within the Plymouth community or serve as an employee in one of the local agencies that hires work study students. Develop your understanding of what it means to be a good citizen.

Recreation Programs- whether you join us in the Fitness Room for a weight workout, in the Group Ex room for zumba, or in the Courtroom to play one of many intramural sports, rec programs are a way to sweat out your stress and stay healthy.

Student Activities- with over 80 clubs and organizations, you can craft, game, market, compete, debate, sing, be politically active, save the environment and much, much more. We can point you in the right direction and help advise you in the clubs in which you participate.

Our Place…

Student Life at PSU is largely centered within the Hartman Union Building, which is truly the living room of our campus. We want nothing more than for you to feel entirely at home when you enter the HUB – whether it’s to nap by a fire in the Fireplace Lounge, or meet up with a friend for a coffee and bagel in the Pawsway. All of our programs reside in the HUB, and many of our student organizations call the HUB home too. Add on student services like new student orientation, the ID and print center, computer clusters, printers, and the bookstore and mail center, and you’ve got one very busy building!

Our People…

Our programs and services as well as all the behind-the-scenes work to keep the HUB hopping are a result of a wonderful team of 13 professional staff and a legion of student workers who are dedicated to serving our student body to the best of our ability. Working with and for students is our passion, and we hope you’ll let us know what we can do to better serve you. To learn more about each of us, check out our bios in the “Meet the Staff” link on the left.

Contact Us

Student Life Administrative Office

Phone: 535-2376
Room: HUB 110
Campus Mail: MSC 54

Community Service Center

Email: Contact Brian Dye

Phone: (603) 535-2376
Room: 110 D
Campus Mail: MSC 54

Print Shop

Email: Randy Szabadics
Phone: 535-2273
Room: HUB 118
Campus Mail: MSC 54

Recreation Programs

Email: Drew Guay
Phone: 535-2958
Room: HUB 15
Campus Mail: MSC 54

Email: Catherine Chanoine
Phone: 535-2957
Room: HUB 115
Campus Mail: MSC 54

Student Activities Office

Email: Brian Dye
Phone: 535-2639
Room: HUB 120
Campus Mail: MSC 54

Email: Edye Levin
Phone: 535-2639
Room: HUB 120
Campus Mail: MSC 54

Email: Nicole Connolly
Phone: 535-2639
Room: HUB 120
Campus Mail: MSC 54