Michele Lacroix

Michele Lacroix

Business Manager

A.A. in Accounting, NHCTC; B.S. candidate GSC

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About Michele
Michele joined PSU’s staff in July of 2011, working as the Senior Business Services Assistant for the Purchasing, Disbursement and Contract Services department. In 2013, Michele took her current position in the HUB. She is now the lead in HUB Budget Management. She also assists in orchestrating New Student and Transfer Student Orientation. Michele manages all HUB employee PCARDs and the purchasing made with said cards.

One of Michele’s greatest accomplishments was graduating co-valedictorian from NHCTC the same year as her daughter graduated high school. This year, she and her son will both receive their Bachelor’s degrees, adding yet another wonderful achievement. Outside of the HUB, Michele is the Trustee of the Trust funds for the town of Groton, and a Local Foods Plymouth Advisory Board Member.

Michele enjoys gardening, snowshoeing, and long walks in the woods with her dog, Sadie. In her spare time, Michele knits and makes soap and body lotion.

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