Morgan Stepp

Morgan Stepp

Information Technologist

B.S., Colgate University

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About Morgan
Morgan joined the PSU team in early 2014 after acting as general manager of a small business in nearby Ashland for the prior eight years. He manages the HUB’s web presence through its many pages and online tools that distribute and collect information to and from both prospective and current students, as well as faculty, staff, and the many other groups who use the HUB’s space for their events. Morgan’s other job here at Plymouth is with Residential Life and Dining Services, where he manages their web presence in addition to supporting the hardware and software of the dining program.

Morgan grew up in central New Hampshire and developed a love for the outdoors that he is hoping to pass on to his children. He enjoys skiing, sailing, mountain biking, hiking, and pretty much anything else that you can do outside, year round. He also does (nearly) all his own car maintenance and has been to Rally Driving School.

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