Fall 2017

M, T, W – 9am to 9pm
Th, F – 9am to 5pm
Sunday – 6pm to 9pm

For more information on our services or to schedule an appointment, please contact Jane Weber: jlweber@plymouth.edu or 535-2831.







Our Approach

The Writing Center uses a non-directive method when consulting with writers. We do not offer judgment or evaluation of writing, but we do ask many genuine questions to help you think more deeply about what you are trying to say in your writing.

We share a paper’s effect on us so the writer can consider whether the paper works as intended. We suggest techniques and methods for revising, rewriting, and polishing drafts.

Our approach is to empower writers. Rather than telling you what to think and say, we help you express your ideas in your own way.

What to Expect During a Visit

  • You will be greeted by a writing consultant. Would you prefer to work at a table, on the couch, or at a computer?
  • Next, the consultant will fill out a visit slip so the Center can keep track of visitors. On the visit slip, the consultant will write down your name, major, course you are doing work for, and other basic information. This takes about a minute to fill out.
  • The consultant will ask you what you would like to work on. At the Center, you’re in charge of your conference, so let your consultant know what you would like to work on. Let him or her know if something isn’t working for you, and speak up if you want to switch gears.
  • Your conference can be as short as five minutes or as long as an hour. After meeting with you for an hour, we will encourage independent work.
  • After your conference, the consultant will write a couple of sentences on the visit slip about what was done during the conference and what you plan to do next. This information is not evaluative—we’re not here to judge you. This is sent to your professor via e-mail, and professors are glad to know that you came by to work on your writing.

We’re here for you! Let us know how we can help!


Meredith Schulman

“My visit to the Writing Center was helpful because I was able to read my paper, find things I wanted to change, and have another helpful opinion added in.”
– Meredith Schulman


quote 4

“When you are writing you must assume that the next thing you put down belongs not for reasons of logic, good sense, or narrative developments, but because you put it there.”
– Richard Hugo