Richard Moses

What College(s) did you attended? What is/was your major? Year of Graduation?

I have a BA in English from Dartmouth College and an MA in Theater from the University of Kansas. I got those degrees in the 20th century!

Why did you want to become a TIGER?

When Dr. Lindberg asked me to join TIGER, I had not worked as an actor for quite a few years. I jumped at the opportunity to work in theater again not really knowing a lot about what the job would require. Once I started doing it and seeing the faces of the children in the audience I was hooked!

Have you experienced any of the issues that TIGER addresses and how did you get through them? And what advice would you offer kids in the same situation?

I do not recall being bullied on an ongoing basis. However, I did have an experience as a Freshman in high school of being assaulted by an older kid. I did not tell an adult, but instead I spent the next few years avoiding that kid. For example if I saw him coming down the street towards me, I would cross to the other side. I realize now that this was a type of mental bullying. I was afraid. The boy who roughed me up probably forgot all about the incident the next day, but I lived with that fear for years. I would strongly urge anyone who has such an experience to tell an adult. They can help put things in perspective as well as take action against the person doing the bullying if necessary.

What reaction or memorable experienced has touched you the most since becoming a TIGER?

The incident that moved me the most was relayed to the TIGER office via an email from a mother of a child who saw our show. I believe he was in the third grade. He came home after the show and broke down crying as he told his mother how he was being bullied at school. He had evidently been afraid to say anything but after seeing the show he felt empowered to say something. His mother was able to contact the authorities at the school and have the matter taken care up.

What kind of music is on your I-pod? Name a few artists we’d find or a favorite tune or two…

I have all the songs from the TIGER shows on my I-pod since I like to have a back-up in case anything should happen to the I-pod we use for our shows. I am a big fan of musical theater so I have the albums of “Chicago”, “Cabaret”, “Company”, “Follies”, “South Pacific” just to name a few. Also I really love Barbara Cook. (She is in her eighties and still performing.) I have four or five of her albums on my I-Pod as well. Another “delicious-sounding” singer is Dawn Upshaw. I have an album of her singing the music of Rogers and Hart which is one of my favorites.

What inspires you?

I am really inspired by the beauty of nature. It can be a day at the beach, a mountain hike, a beautiful sunrise, a flower. They are all “Winnepesaukee” which is an Indian word meaning “the smile of the Great Spirit.”

What is your favorite quote or saying?

It’s from Hamlet. “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

What is your favorite…

TIGER Song: “Miracle in Motion”

Musical: “A Chorus Line”

Movie: “All About Eve”

Recording Artist: Barbara Streisand

Actor: Philip Seymour Hoffman

Actress: Meryl Streep

TV Show: “The Amazing Race”

And finally, who is your favorite tiger and why?

My Favorite Tiger is a white tiger because they are different. I always like to give my support to someone or something that is different from the “run of the mill.”

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“My heart always jumps when I hear TIGER is coming to our school to perform. Thank you!!! Your biggest fan…”

– Sophie, Third Grader, Gilford Elementary.