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To book TIGER please contact Pamela Irish, TIGER Tour Manager, at, call(603) 535-2647

Early booking discount available this Summer until August 25, 2017 for any touring date in our season!  Call TIGER today for details!

2017-2018 Fee Schedule

  • Everyone Umbrella-smileOne Performance (up to 300 students) $850
  • Two Performances (same school or district, same day) $1,575
  • Three Performances (same school or district, same day) $2,275
  • Four Performances (same school or district, same day) $2,725
  • Student Workshop (1-5 workshops) (price per workshop) $85
  • Student Workshop (6-12 workshops) (price per workshop) $75
  • One Parent or One Teacher Workshop $450
  • One Parent and One Teacher Workshop $800
  • District discounts are available

Booking guidelines

  • Each student workshop can accommodate a maximum of 25 students.
  • Teacher and parent workshops are typically scheduled after school hours, but call our Tour Manager if you have some creative scheduling ideas.
  • Payment or Purchase order is due to Plymouth State University a minimum of two weeks prior the the performance date.
  • Mileage will be charged for round trip travel from Plymouth to the performance location.

Touring Schedule

If you are interested in viewing a performance please contact the TIGER office to make arrangements to view a show in your area.


Performance Highlights


“I watched as a parent, a teacher, colleague and friend. My mind was racing with emotions and these feelings all stemmed from students’ voices through their writing. They conveyed such a powerful message.”

– K. A. McLoud, Teacher, Plymouth Elementary School.