Kate Martin hiking with her friends.

Student Spotlight: Kate Martin ’19

Kate Martin skiing in the mountians of New Hampshire.Name: Kate Martin
Major: Exercise and Sport Physiology
Hometown: Keene, NH
Class year: 2019
Clubs and/ or organizations: Captain of the PSU Women’s Soccer Team, Vice President of the PSU Health and Wellness Club, Volunteer PSU Admissions Tour Guide

Why Plymouth State? I chose to come to Plymouth because of the sense of home I felt when I visited. I was familiar with the area because my older brother went to PSU and I grew up in NH. In high school I had my sights set on playing soccer at a private school in Rhode Island. After a knee injury senior year and the cost of the school, I rethought my options. Plymouth had everything I wanted in a college. Now that I am a senior I can easily say choosing Plymouth was the best decision I have ever made. While at PSU I have been able to focus on a major I am passionate about while still being able to participate in college athletics and live in the mountains.

What is the best opportunity that Plymouth has given you? Plymouth State has given me the opportunity to participate in college athletics which in turn enhanced all other aspects of my life. Being a captain has given me the chance to be a leader for my team and has taught me a lot about myself. Being on the women’s soccer team has also given me some of my strongest friendships and best memories of college. Having a home game on a fall afternoon will always be one of my favorite Plymouth memories.

Kate Martin and her friend holding their mountain bikes in font of a lake.

What keeps you busy outside of classes? Outside of classes I spend my time outside! In the fall, soccer keeps me pretty busy, but every chance I get I spend in the Pemi River or hiking in the mountains. Over the winter I work as a ski instructor for 4-6 year olds at a local mountain. This past spring, I took advantage of the Outdoor Center and learned to surf with my friend. This was one of the funniest days I have had in a long time! Going to Plymouth has also allowed me to share these passions with my brother for the first two years while he was at school with me. I am going to miss living up in the mountains.

What have you learned to love while at Plymouth State? While at Plymouth I have learned to love hiking. I have always been an outdoorsy person, but it wasn’t until coming to PSU where I found hiking to be my outlet. Exploring the area through hikes at PSU has built some of my strongest friendships and allowed me to have a stress reliever. Last winter I had the chance to go to Guatemala for two weeks to visit a cousin working at a non-profit. While I was there, we did a three-day guide led trek through the mountains and countryside. This trip allowed me to disconnect and gave me a new perspective on the world. I am excited to do more trips like this in the future and am grateful for Plymouth sparking this passion in me!

Kate Martin hiking with her friends.

What advice would you give future students? I would tell future students to come to PSU with an open mind. These last four years have been the most transformative years of my life and I can thank Plymouth State for this. College goes by fast so try new things, stay true to yourself and take it all in.

What is your plan after graduation? I plan to attend graduate school for a master’s in Prosthetics and Orthotics. My dream job is to work at a VA Hospital for wounded soldiers with prosthetic limbs. Who knows where I will end up, but I am excited to see where I will go!