Why You Should Be an Athlete at Plymouth State

Like some of my classmates, I decided to play sports and be an athlete in high school. Many of us grew up playing on travel teams, playing in recreational sports, or being teammates on junior varsity /varsity sports. In elementary and middle school, we would play football and basketball at recess and my passion for athletics continue on to this day. Sports are where I met my most of my friends—many of which I wouldn’t know otherwise.

As a transfer student, I was looking for a school that would challenge me academically while at the same time offer elite sports teams. I found that Plymouth state is that place for me and I haven’t looked back.

I often get asked why I choose to play collegiate sports. I admit, that it can be tough at times, but also very rewarding. Here are three reasons why incoming students should consider playing sports when they arrive at Plymouth State.

Reason 1: Friends 

When I transferred in it felt like I was a first-year student again. When I first arrived I knew a few students who went to my high school, but other than that I hardly knew anyone else. As cross country practices began and I started to meet my teammates I felt more comfortable at PSU. Even a few days in I started to make lasting friendships. By knowing people I felt more comfortable on campus, which translated to feeling comfortable in the classroom.

Reason 2: Academics 

After talking to a lot of my classmates about why they didn’t pursue sports at PSU, most say that they feel like they have too much school work and won’t be able to do both. I would argue that this isn’t always the case. For me, being an athlete forces me to be a better student. First, you need to maintain a certain GPA to continue to be on a team. This reminds me that if I want to be an athlete then school comes first. Second, by having practices every day, this forces me to be an efficient scheduler. I know that I have to be able to finish my assignments and studying so that I can make my practice times—#PlanningIsKey.

Reason 3: Athletics Family 

As a student athlete, I feel as though I am not only connected to my teammates but to the entire athletic community—Plymouth State athletics is a family, my family. Being part of the Cross Country and Track teams have allowed me to meet a lot of like-minded students that work hard and strive to be their best—both in competition and in the classroom. Their hardwork and determination motivates me daily to be the best I can be. I have never felt alone because of all of the support I have received since becoming a part of the athletic community.

Plymouth State has such a rich athletics history and I am proud that I get to represent the University. I hope you will be too.

Ben Platt ’20 is majoring in strategic marketing from Manchester, NH. He is on the cross country, indoor track, and outdoor track teams. He also works as a student coordinator for the Communications and Marketing department at PSU. When Ben isn’t in the classroom or at ALLWell North on the track you can find him at Lamson Library or hanging out with his teammates.