Student Spotlight: Hailey Botelho ’22

Name: Hailey Botelho
Major: Small Business Management/Entrepreneurship with two minors in Photography and Media Studies
Class Year: 2022
Hometown: Rumney, New Hampshire
Clubs and/ or organizations: I am a member of the Plymouth State Cross Country and Track and Field Teams and the PSU Honors Program. When I am not busy with school activities, I also play the alto saxophone in a local band with community members called Baker Valley Band.

Why did you choose Plymouth State?
Plymouth State University is close to my hometown—the next town over to be exact! I honestly never felt the need to leave such a beautiful place. The community has always been so welcoming and they offered what I wanted to study, along with the opportunity to run cross-country and track and field. I couldn’t be more excited about going to Plymouth State.

What’s your favorite thing about Plymouth State?
The community and sense of belonging that you feel here. Everyone is so kind and wants to help you be the best version of yourself. This University has helped me achieve my goals over the past four years and I hope that others will be able to say the same.

What do you love most about your major?
My major and my minors combined are truly what I am passionate about. The combined programs have helped me start and run my own wedding and portrait photography business, Botelho Photography. I’ve photographed people all over New Hampshire and I love capturing their special moments, my hope is to one day be successful enough to be a full-time photographer.

What is the best opportunity that Plymouth has given you?
The incredible friends I have made, the education I’ve received, and networking opportunities are some of the amazing opportunities I’ve received and also a huge reason for my success as a student in and outside of the classroom.

What keeps you busy outside of classes?
When I am not running or taking photos for my business you can find me working in the Plymouth State Office of Communications and Marketing as a student photographer. I have photographed many events at PSU and have been learning how to write blog posts, which has been a great opportunity. Outside of school and work you will often find me with my boyfriend, Randall, skiing, kayaking, backpacking, running, and cycling when we’re not focused on our studies.

What have you learned to love while at Plymouth State?
I have learned to love having a busy schedule. I usually have a packed schedule every day of the week and it’s really helped me stay organized. I have also learned to love the outdoors more than before. In my first year, I learned how to ski thanks to the ski pass students are offered. Plymouth State is a great place to explore the outdoors no matter what time of year it is!

What advice would you give future students?
I can’t stress enough GETTING INVOLVED! There are so many different clubs and organizations you can be a part of. I have made so many amazing friends because of the clubs and sports I have joined. Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone because it will only help you grow as a person. Lastly, I’ve learned not to be afraid of failure because it truly is only going to help you succeed. So, get up and keep going even when times are tough!