George Pettinico

George Pettinico
Associate Professor
Program Coordinator, Marketing
Phone: (603) 535-2504
Office: Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Hyde Hall Rm 108, MSC 27, Plymouth, NH 03264


BA, Cornell University
MBA, University of Connecticut
PhD, University of Massachusetts

Dr. George Pettinico is an active researcher in the area of marketing. He has published articles in the Journal of Consumer Marketing, the Journal of  Consumer Affairs, Health Marketing Quarterly, published a book in 2020, and presented his research at national conferences. His research interests include consumer interactions with technology, and how consumers use products to communicate their self-image.

Before becoming a professor, Dr. Pettinico worked for 15+ years in various industry marketing roles; working for both a small business and a large multi-national healthcare corporation. He regularly incorporates his extensive on-the-job marketing experience, as well as team management, into his classroom teaching.

Dr. Pettinico teaches undergraduate classes in digital marketing, consumer behavior and principles of marketing, and teaches MBA classes in marketing techniques and strategy.

Dr. Pettinico is heavily involved with student-centered activities on campus. He is the lead advisor for the PSU Honors Program, oversees the business internship program, is active in numerous student recruitment and engagement activities and currently serves as the Marketing Program Coordinator.

Awards and Recognition 

Dr. Pettinico was selected as a Rosenblum Endowed Professor. Established by O.B. Rosenblum, this honor is awarded to celebrate and recognize faculty of business who are exemplary models of teaching, scholarship, and service. 

Selected Publications  

The coming age of robots

Pettinico, George and George R. Milne (2020), The Coming Age of Robots:  Implications for Consumer Behavior and Marketing Strategy, New York: Business Expert Press. 

Pettinico, George, George R. Milne and Elizabeth G. Miller (2020), “Quantification of Self in Third-Party Administered Wellness Programs:  The Impact of Perceived Self-Empowerment,” with George R. Milne and Elizabeth G. Miller, Journal of Consumer Affairs, 54(1), 159-176. 

Pettinico, George and Kathleen Debevec (2020), “The Positive Effects Of Explaining The Underlying Mechanisms (How It Works) When Promoting Healthy Behaviors,” Health Marketing Quarterly, 37(1), 58-72. 

Pettinico, George, and George R. Milne (2017), “Living by the Numbers:  Understanding the ‘Quantification Effect,’” Journal of Consumer Marketing, 34(4), 281-291.

Milne, George R., George Pettinico, Fatima Hajjat and Ereni Markos (2017), “Information Sensitivity Typology: Mapping the Degree and Type of Risk Consumers Perceive in Personal Data Sharing,” Journal of Consumer Affairs, 51(1), 133-161.

Pettinico, George and Timothy Dowding (2012), “Promoting Sustainable Forestry in Home Depot’s Lumber Supply Chain,” International Journal of Business Insights and Transformation, 5 (2), 102-114.