This is a busy and exciting time; we realize you have a lot of information to take in. Here are some crucial links to help you through the billing and payment process:

Tuition & FeesFinancial AidBilling, Payments, and RefundsScholarships, Waivers, & PO's
What are the current tuition and fee rates?
Explanation of fees
Is a charge for health insurance included in mandatory fees?
How do I apply for financial aid?
Granite Guarantee - what is it, and do I need to do anything special to apply?
Will financial aid cover my whole bill?
What types of loans are available for me other than through FAFSA?
What are aggregate and annual loan limits?
What is a Master Promissory Note (MPN) and how do I complete my Entrance Counseling?
How do I pay back my Student Debt?
When will I receive a bill?
How do I access my bill?
What are the bill due dates for Spring semester?
How do I grant access to another individual so they may view my PSU account?
How can I pay my bill?
May I make monthly payments on my bill?
Will I incur a late fee if my payment isn't paid on time?
Why do I have a financial hold?
How do I request a refund?
If I withdraw or drop a course, will I receive a refund?
What is flexcash and how do I purchase?
I received a scholarship from my high school. What do I do with it?
I received a Government Authorization, how/when will this be applied to my bill?
My school/company will be paying with a purchase order, how is that processed?
Are Senior Citizen's eligible for a tuition waiver?
Is there a calendar available that lists important dates?
Am I considered a Full Time or Part Time Student?
What is a SAP? (Undergraduate Satisfactory Academic Progress)?

Net Price Calculator

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