Greek Life

Plymouth State University is currently rebuilding a new robust Greek Life program. After a moratorium the institution wishes to bring the vibrant organizations to campus and develop a sense of community. Greek Life has been a great addition to student life by offering additional social, programming, and service opportunities to students. Plymouth State University is currently expanding to nationally affiliated Greek lettered organizations to join our close-knit community here in the White Mountains Region.

Inter Greek Council – Governing Body for the Greek Life Community

President – Kristina Stevens 

Vice President – David Osorio

Treasurer – Daniel Logue 

Secretary – Stephen Hill 

Risk Management Chair – Allyson Reardon 

Social Media Chair – Justin Griffin 

Events & Programming Chair – Emily LaFlam 


 Sigma Tau Gamma                                                                    Sigma Pi                                                           Kappa Delta Phi


Kappa Delta Phi N.A.S.                                                                                            Delta Zeta

Other Greek Affiliated Groups: 

Tau Omega**

Phi Beta Upsilon

Iota Deta Chi** 

** – Denotes organizations currently seeking nationally affiliation. 

To review Greek Life policies at Plymouth State University click HERE

For any questions about our Greek Life community or for information on how to join reach out to Director of Student Life, Tevis Bryant at: