Program Specific Requirements

MS in Applied Meteorology

Please contact the program coordinator for additional admissions requirements.
Eric Hoffman: or 535-2321

MS in Athletic Training

Please contact the program coordinator for additional admissions requirements.
Julie Bernier: or 535-2518

Professional Counseling Programs

Require participation in a group interview – this is a half-day event held throughout the year. Interviews are open to any prospective student and are not dependent on having completed the application process. Schedule your interview here.

CAGS in Educational Leadership

Professional writing sample – you can create a writing sample or use a previously created work that has been submitted academically or written for professional reasons.

EdD Programs

Important Information for EdD Applicants. Please check the box on the graduate application for admission to acknowledge you have read and understand the following:

  • Students who have earned a master’s degree may apply to and be accepted into the 60-credit Doctor of Education (EdD) program at Plymouth State University.
  • Admission to the EdD program does not guarantee a student will be selected to participate in the dissertation cohort.
  • Students who have earned at least 15 post-master’s credits (7000 level or equivalent) will be invited to participate in the cohort interview process in March of each year. After the completion of the interview process, well-qualified students may be offered a place in the upcoming cohort, which will begin in the summer of each year.
  • Students selected each year for the upcoming summer cohort will be required to submit a $300 deposit to secure their spot in the cohort.
  • Selection into a cohort is required to complete the 24 doctoral core credits and dissertation blocks (minimum of nine credits required)
  • Selection to a cohort is required in order to register for doctoral level courses (8000 level).
  • Students not selected to participate in the doctoral cohort will be advised by the EdD program director for alternate program options.   

Admission to the doctoral program is competitive and open to individuals who possess a master’s degree and at least five years of successful experience in their choosen field along with demonstrated evidence of, or potential for, professional leadership.

Applications are accepted for the fall, spring, and summer semesters. All materials must be submitted by the stated deadlines below. As part of the application review, students will be advised to follow one of the three pathways to complete the program based on the number of post-master’s credits earned at the time of admission. The program coordinator will work closely with students and invite those who are ready to move into the doctoral phase to interview for next available summer cohort.

  • Fall 2022 – Apply by August 1, 2022
  • Spring 2023 – Apply by December 1, 2022
  • Summer 2023 – Apply by April 15, 2023
  • Summer Cohort* 2023 – Apply by March 1, 2023

*Only for students who have met the required minimum of 15 credits post-master’s level coursework.

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Applications are accepted annually through PT-CAS for a 30 person cohort with coursework beginning in June of each year. Visit our DPT website for more information.