PSU will not penalize students for any challenges associated with COVID-19. Undoubtedly, these are challenging times. We encourage you to be in touch with the Admissions Team with any questions you have.

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What impact will P/NP grading have on potential scholarships?
If a student has P/NP grades related to COVID 19, we will not calculate a P or NP into the GPA we use for calculation of merit-based scholarships. Due to the circumstances, we do not think it is fair to students to force a P (which is typically considered a 2.0) onto a student’s GPA as this will bring down their merit-based scholarship amount.
If a high school chose to go Pass/No Pass (P/NP), how will this be considered in a student’s application by PSU?
Going P/NP will not hurt a student. PSU is committed to ensuring that nothing COVID-19-related will negatively impact a student’s enrollment or future enrollment, under any circumstances.
Does it matter to PSU whether a student CHOSE to get a P/NP for a course/classes vs. whether an entire school MANDATED the P/NP shift?
No. We hope students made the choice that is best for them.
What if I don’t pass all of my classes because of COVID-19 impacts? Will this negatively impact my enrollment?
Plymouth State would like to see students on a P/NP scale pass all classes. Given these trying times, consideration will be given to the extraordinary learning hurdle that students will have to overcome to attend and pass classes as it relates to COVID 19. This applies to all current high school students as well as future transfer students.
I am applying for Nursing but the SAT and TEAS exams were canceled, can I still apply?
Yes! For Nursing students enrolling at PSU for the Fall 2021 semester, PSU will waive the TEAS or SAT requirement.
Are campus visits still available?
We have launched many in-person and virtual visit opportunities. You can explore these options and reserve your spot on this webpage.

How will P/NP college courses transfer into Plymouth State?
Any grade impacted by COVID which receives a grade of “Pass” will transfer in for full credit and course equivalency.
How will an entering student submit their final grades, transcripts, and AP scores if their school is closed?
We will work with you to ensure any delay or interruption in the normal enrollment process does not hinder a student’s ability to arrive at PSU this fall.
Will my AP equivalencies be impacted by COVID 19?
PSU is honoring the time and effort students have put into AP courses and will honor passing the exam in the same way we have in previous years.
Is Plymouth State University planning to be open for face-to-face classes in the future?
Yes. However, backup plans including online coursework are prepared just in case. The most important take away is that your college education will not be delayed in any way.