A Year in Practice: Synthesis & Vision (Assignment)

Please discuss your key takeaways from the CPLC experience so far, and explore how you hope they will inform your work at Plymouth State over the upcoming academic year.

Further Detail on This CPLC Assignment:

What ideas have moved or interested you? What aspects of Cluster Pedagogy seem useful to you as you think about your interactions with students? How might your expertise, field, or work be enhanced by new or developing concepts that you are engaging with in the CPLC? What is your plan for continuing to engage with the CPLC?

Try to explore the ideas that interest you and link them to the particular practices, tasks, and roles that you will engage in this year.

Feel free to do this in writing, video, art, or any other medium that works for you. There is obviously no length requirement; if this feels burdensome, remember that a paragraph or a one-minute video could suffice in a pinch.

Upload your work or a link to your work in the appropriate folder in Moodle by August 23rd at 9pm.

This work will be released publicly by the CoLab under a CC BY license unless you specifically request otherwise. Make that request via email to Robin or append a note to your submission.