July 2019: TWP Session

  1. What do we still need to learn/figure out in order to teach the class? (1pm-1:30pm)
    • Make a list of major topics and get into interest groups by topic
  2. Look at the materials in the CPLC Moodle site on the PBL Materials tab (1:30pm-2:30pm)
    • What helpful, interesting, or thought-provoking materials did you find?
    • Do these materials answer your questions from 1?
    • If not, what’s missing? How will you fill in the gaps?
    • Take notes in a shared Word doc
  3. What does a cluster pedagogy learning environment look like? (2:30pm-3:55pm)
    • Exercise
    • Debrief
  4. Looking forward to University Days (3:55pm-4pm)
    • We will discuss how we plan to begin the semester in our classes as well as our syllabi, assignments, etc.