Write a letter of Recommendation


Writing letters of  recommendation for students applying to graduate  schools and to jobs is an  important, honorable, and time-consuming  task. If asked, request the following  from the student to provide  crucial information:

  • A current resume
  • Some academic  information such as copies of transcripts or list of courses completed
  • An explanation of  the student’s career goals, desired job, or preferred graduate program of study
  • Any ideas the  student has on what he/she would like you to address
  • Contact information  for the student
  • A deadline for completion

If you do not feel  you could provide a particularly thorough or  positive letter, let the student  know when the request is made.

Think about  involving any or all of the following in a letter of recommendation:

  • Explain  Your Contact with the Applicant
  • Personal  Attributes
  • Academic  Achievement
  • Employment/Extracurricular  Activities
  • Honors  Received, Academic or Non-Academic
  • Overall  Evaluation
  • Business  phone and/or email (if you are willing to receive calls  from employers or  schools requesting further information on the  applicant)

Do  not include information that might indicate the individual’s  race, color,  religion, national origin, age, disability, gender or  marital status, UNLESS it  is relevant to the position for which he/she  is applying and you’ve discussed  it with the student.

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