Alternative Testing Accommodations

Eligibility for Alternative Testing Accommodations

The PASS Office provides alternative test accommodations for eligible students with documented disabilities. The documentation must be on file with PASS and have been evaluated by the Disabilities Coordinator.  Students planning to access test accommodations are responsible for meeting with a PASS advisor each semester to generate a Letter of Academic Accommodations for their professors. Students have the right and responsibility to decide whether or not to use support services and accommodations.


All disability documentation is kept on file in the PASS office. The Disabilities Coordinator reviews documentation and determines reasonable accommodations on a case by case basis. Instructors should not ask for, or accept documentation of a student’s disability.

Letters of Academic Accommodations

Letters of Academic Accommodations are for informational purposes only, as stated in the letter. Accommodations are implemented at the request of the student, only. The letter serves to inform faculty that the student has provided documentation to PASS and is qualified to utilize accommodations, if they choose to do so. Students who have provided this letter are not obligated to take exams in the PASS office.

Instructors can and should ask the student for a Letter of Academic Accommodations, if the student requests an accommodation. Faculty are not required to provide accommodations to any student who has not given them a
Letter of Academic Accommodations. Students can request Letters of Academic Accommodations at any time during the semester or college years. It is important to note that accommodations are never retroactive.

Student Responsibilities

Students are responsible for requesting and scheduling each exam they want to take in the PASS Office. A request to take an exam in PASS must be made at least one full week prior to the exam date, as stated in the Academic Catalog. Once the request is made, an Alternative Test Request form will be generated for the student to bring to their instructor to sign. They are advised to take the form to the very next class for their instructor’s signature.

Students will not be able to take their exams in PASS if they haven’t requested the accommodation within the required time frame. Students are encouraged to schedule exams prior to the deadline, especially for courses that meet once a week. Finals must be scheduled by the Monday prior to the start of finals. No Exceptions.

It is at the discretion of the faculty member to determine if they have enough time or not to get the exam ready and to PASS. In the event that the student does not bring the form to the very next class or make arrangements to meet with or contact their professor, the student can be asked to take the exam in class without accommodations.

Students are expected to arrive at the scheduled time to take their exam. Please be aware that if a student arrives more than 15 minutes late for an exam, they will be asked to take the alternative testing form back to their instructor for permission to proceed with taking the exam.

Alternative Testing Request Form

Tests delivered to PASS should only be for those students who have scheduled an exam with PASS and have provided their instructor with an Alternative Testing Request form. It should not be assumed that a student will take all of their exams in PASS. Students decide whether to request accommodations on a test by test basis. The PASS office is not a testing center; students should not be sent here to finish exams or to be proctored. PASS only proctors PSU students enrolled in a PSU course.

  • Special Test Instructions

There is space on the Alternative Test Request form for special test instructions (open notes, calculator, note/formula card, open book, on-line access, etc). Please write any special instructions in this section of the form. Students are not allowed to take anything other than exam and pen/pencil into the testing room unless specified by the instructor. While PASS makes every attempt to obtain this information, it is not the responsibility of the office to do so, once the student has arrived to take the exam.

  • Exam Delivery/Return

Faculty should indicate exam delivery and return instructions by circling the preferred method on the form. Please keep the instructor copy of the form as a reminder. If a return option is not indicated, PASS will scan and email the exam to you. If you do not want this to occur, be sure to select a return option on the form.

PASS will ask for confirmation that the scanned/emailed exam has been received. Once a response is received, the original exam will be shredded.

  • Emailing Exams

Exams may be emailed to This email is only accessible to PASS professional staff. Please do not send exams to individual staff member’s email addresses. We discourage the use of campus mail for the delivery of exams, as they may not arrive on time. You may choose to have your exam returned through campus mail. Please keep in mind that mail is picked up once a day and may not be returned to you as promptly as you wish, especially at year’s end before the holiday break.

Exam Delivery at Least 24 Hours in Advance

Exams being delivered by faculty, sent to  or for students whose testing form indicates a scanned exam, must arrive in the PASS office at least 24 hours in advance. Monday exams must arrive by noon on Friday. This allows the PASS staff to prepare in advance of the student’s arrival, (for example-scanning exams, room/technology set-up, accessing the internet, etc.) and prevents any additional, undue stress to students. This also ensures that students are starting the exams at the scheduled time and receiving the accommodations they’re entitled to.  This can only be accomplished with faculty cooperation, which is very much appreciated.

Proctoring of Exams

Students taking exams in PASS are monitored at all times by a professional staff member.  The use of electronic devices, listening to music, and internet access are prohibited in the testing area. Cell phones and back packs are held at the front reception desk during exams.

PASS can proctor students with disabilities only if the rest of the class is proctored. It is discriminatory to proctor a student with a disability if the class is not proctored. Students taking on line, unproctored exams should not schedule their exams for PASS.

Student is Here, Exam is not

If a student arrives to take an exam that has not been delivered or emailed as indicated on the test form, PASS will attempt to contact the instructor or department administrative assistant. If an immediate response is not available, the student will be asked to walk to class to pick up the exam. If the exam is for an alternate time/day, the student will be asked to contact their instructor to reschedule.

Extended Exam Time and Scheduling of Exams

The standard for extended time for a testing accommodation is double time. Occasionally, the time of a test is adjusted because of the student’s schedule to allow for extended time. This will be noted on the Alternative Testing Request form, please keep the faculty copy. Please call the office if you have questions about the scheduled time of an exam.

Exams for evening classes are started in the afternoon to give the student extended time. PASS professional staff are available Monday through Friday from 8am to 4:30pm. Exams will be scheduled such that they are completed before 4:30pm.

Students taking timed, on-line exams are entitled to extended time. The PASS office does not have the ability to extend time for on-line exams. This must be implemented by and is the responsibility of the instructor. The Learning Technologies and Online Education (LTOE) office can assist faculty, if necessary.

Faculty Providing Accommodations

Faculty always have the option of providing accommodations for students that have given them a current Letter of Academic Accommodations. Students requiring only extended time and/or a separate room may best be served by
receiving accommodations from their professor. There are advantages to faculty providing accommodations, especially when students seek clarification or have questions during the exam.

Instructors choosing to provide accommodations have the responsibility of ensuring the quality of accommodations. The following guidelines must be followed. Students are to be given extended time (not unlimited) and a distraction-reduced, separate environment. Open notes, books, etc, should be available to everyone in class, if provided to students with disabilities.

Academic Integrity

Violations of the Academic Integrity Policy will result in immediate notification to the professor and department chair. Test security and integrity of the testing process is a very high priority for PASS. All exams are stored in a locked, secure safe, with access restricted to PASS professional staff.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call the PASS Office at 535-2270.