Accommodation Responsibilites

The process of providing and receiving accommodations is a shared responsibility between the student, instructor, and the Disability Services office.  Please see Rights and Responsibilities of Students with Disabilities for details.  Disability Services works collaboratively with the student and faculty in this shared responsibility. The level of involvement faculty will have in the accommodation process will vary depending upon the type of accommodation provided, the setting for the accommodation, and the functional limitation of the student’s disability.

Faculty Responsibilities

Instructors who have been notified by the student through a Letter of Academic Accommodations are responsible for the following:

  • Support and implement reasonable accommodations as indicated in the Letter of Academic Accommodation presented to you by the student.
  • Contact the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) for assistance with course materials to include captioning, power point and other related technology needs.
  • Accessibility of course materials which may include hand-outs, course evaluations, and exams in enlarged format.
  • Syllabus Statement directing students to the Disability Services office.
  • Consult with the PASS office if any questions or concerns arise regarding accommodations or disability-related issues

DSO Responsibilities

  • Scan textbooks/exams using Kurzweil software
  • Provide test accommodations of extended time and a separate room
  • Computer access for essay/scanned exams
  • Review and keep on file all documentation
  • Determine appropriate and reasonable accommodations on a case-by-case basis
  • Letter of Academic Accommodations when requested by student
  • Interpreter, CART requests
  • Note takers

Student Responsibilities

  • Provide Disability Services office with appropriate documentation
  • Request accommodations within established time frames
  • Request Letter of Academic Accommodations each semester
  • Provide faculty with Letter of Academic Accommodations
  • Discuss accommodation needs with faculty
  • Inform DSO of concerns or questions related to accommodations or disability-related issues
  • Meet all essential qualifications and standards for courses and programs
  • Utilize KIC Scanner and AbiSee Eye-Pal Vision Reader available near Research Desk. Support for KIC and Eye-Pal provided at the Help Desk.