Frequently Asked Questions for Parents

Can I expect to be notified of my student’s academic progress and whether they’ve made and/or kept appointments?

Our model for delivery of services is to work directly with the student. Any information you require should be obtained from your son/daughter.

 What if my student is not taking advantage of services and disability accommodations?

If you think an accommodation or service would benefit your student, encourage them to make an appointment and meet with a Disability Services advisor.

Can I request that accommodations be set up for my student?

Accommodations are only arranged at the request of the student.

Can I make appointments for my student?

Appointments are only scheduled at the request of the student.

How does my son/daughter make an appointment?

Students can call the main number or they may come in to make an appointment. Walk-in appointments may also be available each day.

 Does Disability Services provide social skills, coaching, or mentoring services for students with disabilities?

This is considered a personal service and is not provided.

 Does Disability Services provide transportation/taxi service for students with disabilities?

PSU has a shuttle service that makes scheduled stops. Transportation or taxi service for appointments, such as physical therapy, is considered a personal service and is not provided. It is the responsibility of the student to hire for this service, if necessary.

 When should documentation of a disability be sent to the Disability Services office?

Documentation should be sent when the student has decided to attend PSU and can be sent directly to the Disability Services office.  Please see Documentation for more information.

Who is responsible for ensuring that my student with a disability will receive the accommodations for which they are eligible?

It is the student’s responsibility to request and access accommodations and services. The choice to use accommodations and services (or not) belongs to the student.