Plymouth State Theatre Presents:

SilverStar Voyages

SilverStar Voyages features a unique sci-fi crew of characters, including Commander Mac and the ever-aggressive Victory Trio. In this streamed, 5 episode series, written by PSU students, the SilverStar crew takes on the unique challenges that face intergalactic travellers. The crew consists of Gleeb, a top mechanic who’s out there, Miami, who appears to be past their years, but, then again, is smart and tan; and the earthy De La Rosa. Nutricion, the team’s food specialist. The ship’s doctor, Hyp Crates, loves jazz, hip-hop, and Beethoven, while the attractive Nickie is a dominant enforcer who cut their battle-chops while serving time. Lending stability to this adventurous bunch is intergalactic historian and computer nerd Europa Inga and accountant Billy Hergasa who’s trying to keep the ship on course fiscally. The non-human crew members include android Appa Ratchen, an even-keeled, knowledgeable, and humorous problem-solver, and robot Ut Prosim, who’s ready to serve but has also developed a mind of its own. Might is have a soul?

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