Priority 1.4

Improve programs through appropriate assessment and through development of a culture of evidence.

Planning & Budget Leadership Group

A Planning and Budget Leadership Group was created to bring together planning and budgeting in a systemic and inclusive way, allowing the institution to remain focused in its strategic goals and their implementation. The PBLG makes recommendations annually regarding strategic initiatives and plays a role in advising the Cabinet on enrollment financial projections.

Vice Provost Charged with Oversight of Assessment and Planning

A new position of vice provost was created in 2008 with assessment and planning among the major tasks. Daniel Moore is in his second year as Vice Provost and is currently working with academic departments on their five-year academic plans and creating an integrated planning, budgeting, assessment, and curricular review process.

Enrollment Management Team Established

A new focus on enrollment management will help PSU attract and retain qualified students.

A new focus on enrollment management will help PSU attract and retain qualified students.

In response to the current challenges in higher education, Plymouth State University created the Enrollment Management Advisory Group (EMAG) as an integral tool for the institution in developing undergraduate recruitment and retention strategies. Economic challenges and changing demographics create opportunities for the University’s growth and quality improvement. EMAG is responsible for analyzing institutional data and best practices and for developing a strategic enrollment management plan that includes innovative recruitment efforts and retention strategies. The group addresses such areas as marketing and recruitment, pricing strategies, academic and support programs, retention, advising, academic assistance, and technology.

Assessment and Accreditation

As part of The University’s ongoing assessment and planning, PSU completed its fifth-year NEASC report.

Ongoing Assessment of General Education

One of the challenges of building a new general education program is in keeping it relevant and ensuring that over time, the courses continue to meet the spirit of the program ideals. When the new program was designed, the faculty found a way to build-in an assessment process by requiring that all general education courses would have a “sunset” date by which the course must be brought back to the Gen Ed Committee for re-approval. The first series of courses have begun to sunset and have been going through the assessment and re-approval process.

OTC-NCATE Assessment Completed

Assessment of OTC ensures that education programs meet state certification standards.

Assessment of OTC ensures that education programs meet state certification standards.

The Office of Teacher Certification and the Council of Teacher Certification have recently completed their self-studies and site visit with the NH Department of Education. In the process of self-study, the OTC created a Plymouth State University’s Teacher Education and Professional Preparation Accreditation Web site that provides access to the Assessment System. The professional educator preparation program (PEPP) uses the Assessment System to evaluate the success of its certification programs in ensuring that candidates meet the New Hampshire educator certification standards. It uses multiple assessments and various methodologies, and has expectations that are clearly communicated to candidates. It yields fair, accurate, and consistent evaluation of candidates. The assessment system is regularly reviewed to ensure continuous improvement of programs.

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