Priority 3.1

Be an employer of choice for PSU faculty and staff, who excel in their areas of expertise, are committed to student success, and advance the mission of the University.

Named to The Chronicle of Higher Education’s “Great Colleges to Work For”

In 2009, PSU was named as one of the Great Colleges to Work For and recognized in eight categories: collaborative governance, work/life balance, respect and appreciation, health insurance, 403b/401k, disability insurance, life insurance, and overall satisfaction with benefits.

PSU Receives SLOAN Award for Faculty Career Flexibility

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PSU aims to be an employer of choice for its faculty and staff.

Plymouth State University’s policies in helping faculty deal with unexpected family health issues has earned the institution an Innovation Award from The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. The award was based on policies and practices supporting career flexibility for tenured and tenure-track faculty. PSU has provided faculty dealing with health and family issues an opportunity for alternate work assignments rather than returning to teaching in the middle of a semester following the birth of a child, or care of a family member.

Adjunct Faculty Included on Faculty Welfare

The University recognized the adjunct constituency group and now includes an elected adjunct faculty member on the Faculty Welfare Committee.

Improvements Made to Salary Equity

A substantial number of equity adjustment and reclassifications are made annually to Operating Staff and Professional, Administrative, and Technical staff positions based on a set of regional comparator data; faculty promotion increments (from assistant professor to associate and from associate to full professor) were increased by $1,500, and a two-year waiting period to implement promotion increases was removed; and the adjunct salary scale was increased and revised to account for level of degree, longevity, and number of credits taught per semester.

Leadership Team Created

President Steen created a University Leadership team consisting of the OS, PAT, and Faculty constituency group speakers. This group meets monthly with the purpose of improving communication among the senior leadership and the constituency groups.

Health Savings Account Created

A health savings account was created for all benefited employees and seeded with $500 annually. Any unused funds at the end of the year are rolled over for the next year.

Health and Wellness Task Force Works to Enhance Healthy Choices, Reduce Healthcare Costs

PSU created a Wellness Committee, developed a wellness initiative and added a health savings account to employee benefit options. Jon Gilbert Fox photo.

PSU created a Wellness Committee, developed a wellness initiative and added a health savings account to employee benefit options. Jon Gilbert Fox photo.

A 15-member task force, comprised of campus faculty, staff, and students, and members of the community, explores options to increase healthy lifestyle choices among PSU faculty and staff. The task force is charged with identifying and implementing a long-term plan that will offer alternatives to conventional approaches to health and wellness that in turn will decrease the costs of healthcare. The goal is to improve the quality of life for all employees while finding ways to impact the costs of broader medical benefits plan. The group will make a series of recommendations to President Steen by year’s end, with an expected “win-win,” as we work together to improve health and wellness while finding savings for employees and the institution.

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