Priority 5.2

Increase funding from non-tuition revenue sources.

Expansion of the Office of Sponsored Programs

The Office of Sponsored Programs was expanded and organizationally realigned with Academic Affairs to better leverage resources and coordination of grant and research activities. This change has resulted in a more streamlined approach to grant funding, better compliance with regulations, and builds the foundation for a model that can accommodate future growth opportunities for additional revenue.

White Mountains Institute

The University has established the White Mountains Institute, which leverages our unique geographic location between the White Mountains and Lakes Region, an area that is a spectacular outdoor laboratory. WMI builds on PSU’s strengths in environmental studies and sustainability, tourism, historic preservation, and outdoor recreation. The structure of the institute is based on four key programs and initiatives:

Students at PSU are able to explore and learn using White Mountains as a natural classroom.

Students at PSU are able to explore and learn using White Mountains as a natural classroom.

  1. Museum of the White Mountains: A place for study of White Mountains history and culture and an intellectual home for White Mountain preservation and historical archives.
  2. Sustainable Summer Program: An integrated program for undergraduate and graduate students to earn a certificate in Environmental Sustainability while studying green technologies, environmental health, local foods, environmental planning, reduction of carbon footprint, natural resources, and leadership in sustainability.
  3. Family Hostel: A unique summer educational vacation opportunity for adults and families offered in partnership with NH tourist attractions.
  4. Summer College at PSU: A program for high school students in the summer of their junior or senior year and/or for community college students to experience college coursework and to have a residential campus experience.

These programs have the potential to generate significant additional revenues for the campus.

Created an Integrated Advancement Division

The realignment and investment in development, alumni relations, and advancement services will help the campus foster a tradition of philanthropy and giving at PSU. With a significant investment provided by the University System of New Hampshire and ongoing support by the campus, University Advancement is building the staffing infrastructure necessary to raise funding in support of campus priorities. This is a long-term process that requires ongoing support, focus, and leadership. The addition of a new executive director of University Advancement is building a foundation for success.

Ice Arena Fundraising

A key element of funding the operations of the new ice arena is a fundraising strategy to establish a quasi-endowment. This fund would be used to support current ice arena operations as well as long-term facilities needs for building improvements. Fundraising in the current economic climate is challenging, but we are starting to see some successes as we lay the foundation for a long-horizon of philanthropic support for PSU. A comprehensive campaign, currently in the silent phase, has ice arena fundraising as a top priority, with many opportunities in the facility for naming and donor recognition at all levels of support. We also have also been successful in seeking and obtaining funding from the Community Development and Financing Authority (CDFA) in support of the construction of the ice arena. PSU’s award of CDFA tax credits is the first of its kind to an institution of higher education in the state, and we are proud of this partnership to leverage our fundraising capacity.

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